Physician and designer team up on Shapewear


POSTED: Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dr. Robert Rey is in the business of helping women look and feel their best. “;At the end of the day, it's all about self-confidence,”; he said.

More commonly known as Dr. 90210 on E!'s reality television program, Rey provides a nip and a tuck that can completely transform someone's outlook and self-image. Rey's Shapewear collection was created with that same intention and provides an alternative to costly, oftentimes painful, invasive surgery.

The Shapewear was designed with stitches that are in similar locations where surgical sutures would have been made. “;Most people that design lingerie know nothing or little about the human body. I've made more breasts than most surgeons in the world,”; Rey said.





        Meet Dr. Robert Rey (Dr. 90210) and fashion designer Bruno Schiavi:

» Tomorrow, 3 to 5 p.m. at Sears, Ala Moana Center. Call 947-0384


» Saturday, 1 to 3 p.m. at Sears, Pearlridge. Call 487-4413.




Rey teamed up with Australian designer Bruno Schiavi to create more than 50 pieces from sleep bras, corsets and bodysuits to bathing suits, sarongs and shaping hosiery.

“;It's the first time in history that a plastic surgeon and a designer have got together. I shared all of my plastic surgery secrets; Bruno shared all of his secrets from the fashion world. It's a marriage made in heaven,”; Rey said.

The line is available in 11 countries, exclusively at Sears stores and on the Home Shopping Network in the United States. The collection disguises problem areas and can make someone appear two dress sizes smaller. The most popular seller is the high waist step-in, the results of which could be compared to a tummy tuck.

Rey is not worried about losing the business of those wanting to lose five, 10 or even 15 pounds. As a mature surgeon, Rey has had an opportunity to witness people achieve impressive results on their own. “;The recuperative, healing powers of the body are amazing,”; he said. “;Life was never about cutting women at all costs. I'm the biggest proponent against plastic surgery. A small percentage of women need it, but most people can get results on their own with diet and exercise. Surgery should be a last resort.”;

The pieces are perfect for special occasions, but can be used every day, he explained. “;It's perfect for tomorrow's interview or that weekend wedding. Put on the Shapewear today, start tweaking your diet and exercise and the body will look great.”;

Rey noted that breasts begin to sag at the age of 22 and recommends his sleep bra to prevent drooping.

Schiavi will be choosing a few random women from the audience to receive makeovers and they will be able to keep the Shapewear, he explained.

Schiavi agrees with Rey that surgery should be a last resort. “;Women should love their bodies,”; he said. “;We wanted their bodies to look amazing without going under the knife. The Shapewear smooths and tones, creates great cleavage and is very affordable.”; Shapewear prices start at $27; bathing suits at $32.50; and hosiery at $17.50.

“;The fabrics are so soft and breathable. Women can lose about 6 to 8 inches,”; said Schiavi. “;Gone are the days of wearing corsets that are so uncomfortable. These are intended for everyday use.”;

Wide waistbands provide comfort and tummy support and hip control to create a smooth, flawless look. The pieces are seamless and come in various styles and colors, size small to 3x.

Schiavi explained that the most popular selling size was small. “;You don't need to be overweight to wear Shapewear,”; he said. “;It's intended to smooth and contour, no matter a person's size.”;

Self-confidence can be achieved through Shapewear, preventative creams or a stainless steel scalpel, explained Rey. The message the pair will be sharing this weekend during their public appearances is “;it doesn't matter how the results are achieved, what matters most is that women feel good about themselves.”;

Dr. Robert Rey welcomes all sorts of questions ranging from information on the collection to intimate questions people are embarrassed to ask. Although he receives thousands of questions, he tries his best to personally respond to all of them. Visit http://www.quepasa.com and click on Dr. Rey's forums. More information can also be found at www.drrobertrey.com along with his Twitter information.