Monday Night Lights in Hawaii?


POSTED: Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Oahu Interscholastic Association is prepared for changes that may hit the athletic schedule if the state's furlough plan is ratified today.

If certain Fridays are furloughed, as expected, games will be postponed and moved to Mondays because public-school campuses would be closed. OIA executive director Dwight Toyama, currently on vacation, was unavailable for comment.

“;We're just waiting on what happens with HSTA, so it's hard to comment,”; Farrington athletic director and OIA football coordinator Harold Tanaka said. “;It's going to impact athletics.”;

If furloughs fall on Mondays rather than Fridays, Tanaka said, there would be little to no impact.

The state tournaments, however, could be drastically affected. HHSAA executive director Keith Amemiya had no comment yesterday.

Tanaka and other ADs have dealt with a number of issues recently, none more piercing than the $1.2 million in budget cuts over the summer. Facing the problem of furloughs is another obstacle.

“;It's inevitable and we can't fight it, so we just have to deal with it,”; Tanaka said. “;Nobody knows until they ratify.”;

If ratified, furlough days would begin on Oct. 23.

Furlough days under the current plan are Oct. 23 and 30; Nov. 6 and 20; Dec. 4, 11 and 18; Jan. 15 and 29; Feb. 5 and 12; Mar. 5 and 12; Apr. 23 and 30; May 7 and 14; and June 4.