Warrior Replay


POSTED: Monday, September 21, 2009

1. Four-point swing

The Situation: Hawaii 0, UNLV 0, 11:50 remaining, first quarter, Hawaii ball, third and goal at UNLV 2
The Play: DB Terrance Lee breaks up a pass from QB Greg Alexander intended for SB Greg Salas at the goal line.
The Impact: Hawaii had taken the opening drive all the way down the field, except for the final 2 yards, and has to settle for a Scott Enos field goal. On the next series, Hawaii gets to the red zone again, but misses a field goal.
Salas: ”;We have to do a better job in the red zone.”;


2. Picky, Picky

The Situation: Hawaii 10, UNLV 7, 13:03 remaining, second quarter, UNLV ball, first and 10 at Hawaii 22
The Play: S Mana Silva intercepts a pass by QB Omar Clayton, giving UH the ball at the UNLV 38—one play after CB Mike Grant intercepts Alexander at the UNLV 8.
The Impact: UNLV grabs the momentum temporarily before giving the ball right back to Hawaii. After a Hawaii punt, UNLV generates a long drive, but DB Richard Torres intercepts at the Hawaii 2. Alexander then hits WR Rodney Bradley for a 39-yard score and Hawaii leads 17-7.
UNLV coach Mike Sanford: ”;We had a difficult first half in a lot of ways. We had turnovers, penalties, all kinds of stuff.”;


3. Taunting

The Situation: Hawaii 17, UNLV 7, 2:10 remaining, second quarter, UNLV ball, second and 10 at UNLV 40
The Play: Clayton loses 3 yards, but Hawaii DT Tuika Tufaga is called for unsportsmanlike conduct for taunting, giving UNLV 15 yards and a first down at the UH 47.
The Impact: With life breathed into its 2-minute drill, two plays later Clayton finds WR Jerriman Robinson for a 42-yard touchdown pass and UNLV trails by just 3. From the time of this penalty, UNLV outgains Hawaii 317 yards to 202 the rest of the way.
UNLV assistant Keith Uperesa: ”;We just had to correct our mistakes, just keep playing. We made too many mistakes in the early going.”;


4. Ball Control

The Situation: Hawaii 20, UNLV 14, 9:09 remaining, third quarter, UNLV ball, fourth and 1 at Hawaii 35
The Play: TB Channing Trotter goes 3 yards up the middle for a first down to keep a 16-play, 8-minute, 48-second drive alive.
The Impact: UNLV does not score on this march, but it is key to a third quarter in which Hawaii has the ball only four plays and its defense is on the field for all but 2:08. UNLV retakes the lead 21-20 on the next series.
Hawaii coach Greg McMackin: ”;They kept our offense off the field. I give them full credit. Their offense played a lot better than our defense did.”;


5. Payne-ful for Hawaii

The Situation: Hawaii 33, UNLV 28, 36 seconds remaining, fourth quarter, UNLV ball, third and goal at Hawaii 15
The Play: Clayton, in the face of a Hawaii blitz, lobs a high pass to 6-foot-4 WR Phillip Payne in the corner of the end zone. He is covered by 5-9 CB Tank Hopkins. Payne—who made a similar play for a TD earlier—catches this one for his second score.
The Impact: It turns out to be the game-winner, as Hawaii gets the ball to its own 49 before time runs out.
McMackin: ”;That guy does a great job. He goes up, they throw him the alley-oop.”;