Use Web form to report city-related problems


POSTED: Tuesday, September 15, 2009

QUESTION: Whom can I contact regarding faded or missing street name signs? What about street signs that are misspelled? There is one that should be “;Paula Pl,”; but it is printed as “;Palua Pl.”;

ANSWER: The simplest way to report any city sign in need of repair or replacement is to contact the city Department of Customer Services.

In this case, there actually is a Palua Place that intersects Paula Drive on Wilhelmina Rise, as well as a Paula Drive and Paula Place intersection. You've since let us know both signs are correct.

However, this is a good opportunity to let readers know how to report a missing, misspelled or mangled sign or other city-related problems:

Go to the department's “;Information and Complaints”; Web page — www.co.honolulu.hi.us/csd/publiccom — and click on “;Report a Problem.”; Fill out an online form to report problems about traffic signals, street lights, road conditions, street signs, curbs or gutters, sewers or storm drains, sidewalks, refuse/bulky-item pickups, fire hydrants, public restrooms, parks or beaches, playgrounds/equipment or “;other.”;

Or do one of the following:

» E-mail the complaint to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

» Fax the complaint to 768-3751.

» Call in the complaint to the department at 768-4381.

» Stop by in person at the Complaints Office at Room 302-B at City Hall.

“;Our complaints officer will then direct the problem to the appropriate agency for action,”; said Gail Haraguchi, acting director of the Customer Services Department.

QUESTION: I tried to report a street light being on all day at 47-636 Hui Kelu St. I called the street light maintenance number in the new Paradise Pages phone book and got a message saying to call another number. But when you call that number, you get a voice message saying, “;Wait for the next available representative.”; But you wait and wait and wait, and eventually you get cut off. Can you help?

ANSWER: See the answer above.

The procedure outlined can be used for all city-related complaints, said Gail Haraguchi, acting director of the Department of Customer Services.

The exceptions, she said, involve potholes and abandoned vehicles, which have their own hot lines.

Call the pothole hot line directly at 768-7777 or the abandoned-vehicle hot line at 733-2530. Both numbers are also listed on the city Web page.


To Board of Water Supply employee Naomi Hanohano, for her outstanding assistance in resolving a relatively complex issue regarding our water meter and changes of address. After a minor misunderstanding, I ended up speaking with Naomi, who quickly recognized what I required. Instead of transferring me to an engineer, she explained the situation to them to ensure they understood, sparing me the runaround that many get elsewhere. She then followed up with a call the next day to say that everything had been taken care of. Naomi and Michael Taniguchi, from the city Building Department, saved me from having to submit more paperwork. Naomi is truly customer-oriented and a great asset to the Board of Water Supply. — Bernard K. Takano