Harmonic convergence


POSTED: Friday, September 11, 2009

Whether your tastes run from punk, metal or even rock inspired by Harry Potter, the rock 'n' roll cinema weekend at Kahala Mall's movie multiplex should sate any appetite for the Loud Sound.

Hawaii International Film Festival staffers Anderson Le and Sarah Honda—who double as co-founders of nonprofit art organization Interisland Terminal—are the brains behind this program, and they've put together an entertaining quartet of music flicks.





        presented by Interisland Terminal

» Where: Consolidated Kahala 8 Theatres, Kahala Mall


» When: 6 p.m. today through Sunday


» Cost: $9.75


» Info: 227-4484 or interislandterminal.org




On the agenda are:

» ”;Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains”;: A legendary cult favorite that received an extremely limited theatrical release in 1981, this film stars a teenaged Diane Lane as a punk-rocker who escapes her Midwestern factory hometown with two friends (including Laura Dern in her film debut) to go on the road with a touring British band, made up of a young Ray Winstone and an all-star lineup comprised of Clash bassist Paul Simonon and former Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook (then with a band called the Professionals).

It's a great snapshot of the era, one that foretold the feminist “;riot grrl”; movement and the rise of MTV. The drugs and sleazy backstage music industry politics, however, remain the same.

» ”;We Are Wizards”;: This amusing documentary profiles some of the power players in the underground Harry Potter creative community, including fans who play in “;wizard rock bands”; with names like Harry and the Potters, the Hungarian Horntails and Draco and the Malfoys.

» ”;Anvil! The Story of Anvil”;: One of the most widely celebrated documentaries in recent years; if you're a fan of “;This is Spinal Tap,”; this film's for you. A once-popular '80s metal band from Canada slips into obscurity, and following a calamitous European tour, longtime friends Steve “;Lips”; Kudlow and Robb Reiner, now in their 50s, set off to record their 13th album in one last attempt to fulfill their boyhood dreams.

All seems lost—that is, until they return to Japan to perform some 24 years later.

» ”;Electric Dragon 80,000 V”;: Let the press release tell it: “;'Electric Dragon 80,000 V' is a subterfuge of pure electric guitar noise, epic feedback and punk swagger,”; wrapped up in a compact hourlong, black-and-white package.

Ultra-cool Japanese actor Tadnobu Asano stars as reptile investigator Dragon Eye Jim Morrison, who possesses high-voltage superpowers ever since a childhood power station accident. Spending his days in the alleyways of Tokyo, Morrison discharges surplus energy at home with high-voltage rock 'n' roll played on his electric guitar.

The also-cool Masatoshi Nagase plans Dragon Eye's equally electrified nemesis, Thunderbolt Buddha.