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POSTED: Friday, September 11, 2009


Must not be a drag getting old

That good ol' middle-age squeeze is evident in the latest Gallup poll tracking Americans' happiness. Gallup found that the oldest adults polled (ages 65 and up) were the happiest, followed by the youngest (ages 18 to 29). People ages 45 to 64 consistently reported the least well-being, on a monthly basis going back at least to January 2008. The pollsters did not list reasons for the discontent, but any person in that age group could likely supply plenty.


Hawaiians fare best among native groups

The latest Census data on health insurance coverage in the U.S. gives ammunition to Akaka Bill opponents, as native Hawaiians fared much better than Alaska natives and American Indians—who already have the special federal recognition outlined in the bill. The Census found that 18.5 percent of native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, counted nationwide, lacked health insurance. That contrasted with 31.7 percent of Alaska natives and Native Americans who lacked coverage, the second-worst percentage among any group.


Stealing kids' ukuleles and other school supplies pretty low

It was so wrong, and so low, on so many levels.

The break-in at Hale Kula Elementary School sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning is head-shaking.

Stealing $10,000 worth of electronic equipment—laptops, flat-screen TV—from children's classrooms.

Making off with 25 vintage Kamaka ukuleles used for lessons. Even taking $5 to $10 worth of pennies students had collected for children with leukemia.

The topper is that the 900-student public school is at Schofield Barracks, a military facility with security checkpoints.

In one televised plea, a young student victim said the burglars “;actually robbed us of education.”;

Just give the kids back their stuff. They want to learn and be smart—so they don't end up as petty thieves.