Chun pairs hats with new fashions


POSTED: Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playing with hats earlier this year led Jeanie Chun to design a collection of wide-brimmed hats for summer. But the designer known for daytime and evening elegance couldn't be confined to basics, and it wasn't long before she started adding her signature laces, flowers, jewels and other flourishes to her creations.

Of course she needed to properly display her new creations, so she created garments to match her hats and will put all on display during a hat fashion show, “;Chapeaux Couture de la Mode,”; taking place Sept. 18 at Oahu Country Club. The fashion show will be private, but a sale of hats will be open to the public from about 12:30 p.m.

Wide-brimmed Tiffany hats, polo hats and Victorian lace-trimmed styles have the power to dress up the simplest shift dresses. Beyond the fashionable aspect, the fabric hats are foldable, making them easy to pack for holiday travels.

The hats are priced from about $95 to more than $300. For more information, call Chun at 744-3247.