Alleged sex-assault victim has grown reclusive


POSTED: Thursday, September 10, 2009

The family of a 12-year-old girl allegedly assaulted sexually at Kamehameha Schools is “;devastated,”; their attorney, Eric Seitz, said.

The girl was once “;very outgoing, very social, very active,”; Seitz said, but has been staying home of late.

“;We're in the process of arranging for psychological counseling,”; he said yesterday. “;Right now she really doesn't want to leave the house, and dealing with new people is a real challenge.”;

He added, “;As a consequence of what's happened to her, there are some very serious problems in the short run and probably in the long run that we're going to have to address from the standpoint of both medical and psychological treatment.”;

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After heavy criticism, Kamehameha Schools says in the future it will inform the police when there are reports of serious crime on campus.

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Two 13-year-old male students have been referred to Family Court on five counts of first-degree sexual assault, as well as third-degree sexual assault and burglary.

Seitz said the girl, who lives on a neighbor island and was a boarder, hopes to eventually return to Kamehameha Schools.

But for now, he said, discussion with the family has focused on providing her medical treatment, including psychological counseling.

“;We want to ... make sure this young lady feels safe, that she's able to get on with her life and make some steps toward recovering from the horrendous things that have happened to her.”;

He said he hopes Kamehameha Schools will be willing to cooperate in providing the services and education required.

Seitz said the family was unhappy and disturbed by the initial response of Kamehameha Schools when the girl reported the sexual assault.

The girl told administrators on Aug. 31, a Monday, that she had been repeatedly sexually assaulted in a dormitory on the Kapalama campus over the weekend.

The parents, not the school, reported the incident to police.

Kamehameha Schools spokesman Kekoa Paulsen said to preserve the integrity of the investigation and out of respect for the privacy of all the families, “;we will not be further discussing this matter publicly.”;

“;This matter is now in the hands of the police and the Honolulu Prosecutor's Office,”; he said.