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POSTED: Saturday, August 29, 2009

Conquerors must show sympathy

We all enjoy benefits from the decisions that our political forefathers made. There are still outstanding liabilities resulting from these decisions that succeeding generations con-tinue to deny. Our Western system of law is good at passing benefits to descendants. It does little to recognize accrual of massive liabilities. When we enjoy the benefits, we the descendants must face up to the liabilities.

Secondly, kanaka maoli do not benefit as you might sitting in your apartment or house on the slopes of Manoa or Hawaii Kai, and today still have the highest rates of illiteracy, disease and poverty, and lack the positive self-image and access to human development of one who is born to the conqueror class.

Have some compassion. Just as we struggle with the role of the conqueror class, so the victims struggle with their role. The solution lies with the conqueror class embodying compassion in action and the victim embodying victory. Let's facilitate victory and compassion. If not now, when?

Rob Kinslow



Congress fixing what ain't broke

This is an open letter to our senators and representatives:

Regarding H.R. 3200, the America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, or others like it, please think twice, and then rethink, before you vote for this ill-conceived bill. Please acknowledge to yourself that you are not omniscient, that this bill if enacted can very well result in unintended consequences. Take for example the highly touted “;cash for clunkers”; program: This shortsighted rush to artificially promote automobile sales does aid the automakers, but it also is causing severe reduction in other aspects of our economy, including charities.

Before you consider tinkering with our health care system, carefully scrutinize other entities that have already imposed Draconian changes to their systems. The reason that people from the world over come to the United States for medical treatment is that our health care system is unqualifiedly the best in the world.

Donald A. Brown



Voters will rebel over ObamaCare

Do not ram ObamaCare down the voters' throats or you will suffer the wrath of the American voter come election time.

Maury Pendleton

Pearl City


Akaka Bill hurts common cause

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the ceded royal lands acquired by the state, with statehood, are for the benefit of all legal residents of the state and not to any subgroup of the population, the Akaka Bill became an anachronism.

In Hawaiian terms, we all became kamaaina, or “;sons of the soil.”; This is a concept uniquely understood by the native Hawaiian population, and misunderstood if interpreted to mean “;fee simple land tenure.”; Consequently, the problem's resolution requires not that we isolate some in the past and free others to create a dominant culture's future, but draw all into relationships that transform sharing of land and access into a 21st century model whenever it has a common ownership status.

I, for one, am working on social models that will use ceded lands to benefit all. This becomes an issue of land use, not ownership. This Akaka Bill legitimizes the use of land, not for the common good, but for the exclusive good of a few. If you pass it, it will have to be ruled unconstitutional given the court's recent unanimous decision. This will merely inflame misunderstandings and alienate cooperation.

The state of Hawaii should make proper use of the land for the common good relying upon traditional Hawaiian common-use principles that would make these benefits manifest for all residents of the state. Hawaii's cultural uniqueness then becomes a benefit for all and an example that might resolve similar problems in other cultures, nations and regions.

Robert Tellander



Mayor's crew welcome at park

As a frequent user of Kapiolani Park, I would like to say mahalo to Mayor Mufi Hannemann and his team for their demonstration of “;malama 'aina.”;

Last Saturday I noticed a team of folks sprucing up the park. An inquiry to a friendly volunteer revealed that the “;team of volunteers”; was actually members of the mayor's Cabinet, who were participants and supporters of his commitment to make Honolulu the best place to live. No better place to start than a place where the entire community can enjoy — our parks.

Pilialoha Wang





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