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POSTED: Friday, August 28, 2009

Bottom line? More bottomfish

Deep-sixing the fishing ban on the Deep Seven will make seafood lovers happy, but authorities must be vigilant that poachers and others do not flout the allowable catch limits on the popular bottomfish, which were considered overfished in island waters just a few years ago. The temporary ban has helped replenish the supply, but continued vigilance is warranted to maintain Hawaii's marine resources. The fishing season for both commercial and non-commercial fishermen will end when the total allowable catch is reached or on Aug. 31, 2010, whichever is sooner.

Hilo teen tops on YouTube

Ryan Higa, the 19-year-old from Hilo whose videos caught Hollywood's eye last year, has drawn more than 1.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, more subscribers than any other channel.

Those include 140 million views of his hit, “;The iPod Human,”; as well as his rants and movie spoofs. Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi began making the videos to relieve their boredom after school. Looks like it worked out.

All rise in honor of 'Courthouse Al'

He was the “;Where's Waldo?”; of Circuit Court. Day in and day out, one could glean the most newsworthy trials by Al “;Courthouse Al”; Chamizo's presence in the gallery. Need to track down a particular case? Ask Al. Want to know where someone is? Ask Al.

Everyone knew his name. And for his part, Chamizo was ever the gentleman, treating them all—reporters, clerks, judges, guards, attorneys—with equal friendliness. Last year, Chief Justice Ronald Moon presented Chamizo a certificate of appreciation as a goodwill ambassador of the court.

Al, an 83-year-old retired sheet metal worker, was found dead in his home Tuesday of a suspected heart attack.

The courts won't be the same without him. Where's Al? It wouldn't surprise a bit if he's already staked out a respectful spot near the Pearly Gates, listening intently to proceedings as judgements are being passed.