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POSTED: Thursday, August 20, 2009

Statehood a time for celebration

A recent Associated Press article about Hawaii planning a “;quiet anniversary”; saddens me profoundly. As with many others, Hawaii is my adopted home. I arrived in 1962 for my senior year at the University of Hawaii. There I met the girl I married, who had arrived in 1958. We have been married for 46 years and raised two sons in the islands.

My wife, at age 14, attended the statehood celebration at Iolani Palace. It was a joyous occasion because Hawaii had sought statehood several times before. If there was no choice for independence on the ballot, it was because the majority wanted statehood.

While Alaska has had a yearlong celebration, Hawaii, in its political correctness, cringes to hold a “;subdued 50th anniversary.”; Our collective guilt, apparently, has become so great that we cannot even admit that perhaps the majority of us would love to celebrate.

We are all citizens of Hawaii. Unfortunately, it has become fashionable to blame: blame the haole, blame the United States. Wouldn't it be better to celebrate together, to use this memorable occasion to unify instead of divide?


Lee S. Motteler



Mix bike paths with rail system corridor

I just reviewed the new bicycle plan for Honolulu and realized that we are missing a real opportunity to provide for bicycle commuters.

The new rail system should be required to have a built-in bikeway that runs on the elevated portion of the right-of-way with on-off capability at each station. Since we are going through all the expense of the rail, a simple bike path add-on should not be too expensive, and it would give a real option for bicyclists who want to move quickly along the Ewa-downtown corridor.


Nick Nagel



Marketing of Oahu seems to be lacking

Walking around the Waikiki streets and shops as an Italian visitor, I have noticed a lack of Europeans. Are you marketing enough to European travelers? We travel a lot, and we really would love Oahu.

I would suggest setting up a more effective strategy to attract Europeans taking into account that the new market segment of travelers often prefers authentic experiences over global shopping mall products.

I would strongly recommend the creation of a network of traveler information offices. Actually according to my guidebook, there isn't any useful tourist information office in Honolulu.

Second, I would suggest investing in new socially responsible traveling proposals such as “;zero impact”; bed and breakfasts or eco-travel lodging. Similar concepts I have experienced in South Africa, Mozambique or Brazil would fit perfectly with Hawaii.

Third, I would promote more authentic cultural events such as art exhibitions, music concerts and Hawaiian cultural festivals.

I am definitely convinced that this would be a win-win business and cultural operation. What would make those European travelers happy would also help Hawaiian people to preserve their cultural identity, and the authentic taste of your magnificent island.


Federica Braghi

Milan, Italy




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