Reasons for Statehood, As Advanced Over Years


POSTED: Monday, August 17, 2009

Why does Hawaii deserve Statehood? Here are some of the reasons given by its backers over the years:

1. Hawaii's population of 585,000 is greater than that of any territory when it was admitted to statehood, except Oklahoma.

2. Hawaii is greater in area than the three states of Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

3. Hawaii has had constitutional government since 1840. It has proved its capacity to conduct its affairs as an American commonwealth.

4. In 1950 it wrote a state constitution and ratified it by a 3 to 1 vote in the November general election.  The constitution has been praised by competent critics as one of the finest state documents in the U.S.

5. Hawaii's system of education dates back to 1840 and is superior to many states. Illiteracy in the islands in almost nonexistent.

6. By any economic yardstick, Hawaii deserves Statehood. It has a self-sustaining economy and valuable resources.

7. Hawaii pays all the federal taxes of a state and has poured over two billion dollars into the U.S. treasury. It is a victim of taxation without representation.

8. Hawaii is thoroughly American. the record of the territory's participation in World War II leaves nothing to be desired.  Hawaii received the first attack of World War II. Its men were drafted to fight. Yet its citizens are not allowed representation in Congress.  The record of the 442nd Battalion, the 100th Infantry, (Nisei units) and the oversubscribed war bond drives are eloquent testimony of loyalty to America.  The army, navy and F.B.I. attest to this record and praise it.

9. In Korea, Hawaii again proved its loyalty.  Its men were some of the first called, were at the front in the toughest battles and sustained casualties five times as heavy in proportion to population as the rate for the nation as a whole.

10. Americanization, racial equality and democratic ideals are far advanced in Hawaii.  The different racial groups live together with a minimum of friction and no racial clashes.

11. The staus [sic] of territory has involved repeated congressional discrimination against Hawaii.  The Territory has on many occasions been excluded, perhaps through carelessness, from Federal measures granting benefits, and Hawaii's delegates have spent much time combatting this tendency.

12. Hawaii's populace was 2 to 1 for Statehood in 1940 and is estimated to be 6 or 7 to 1 for it now.

13. Both national party platforms advocate Statehood for Hawaii.

14. Some ninety per cent of the nation's editors indorse Statehood. the Hearst papers and the New York Times are among hundreds giving vigorous support.

15. Gallup polls have shown U.S. opinion increasingly and overwhelmingly favorable.

16. U.S. prestige in Asia and the United Nations will be enhanced by Hawaiian Statehood.

Statehood for Hawaii would be proof to the world that the U.S does practice democracy regardless of race, creed or color and that its policy is not one of colonialism and exploitation as charged by Russia.