Celebration Cues From 6 Honolulans


POSTED: Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's how some of Honolulu's citizens say they'll celebrate Statehood Day:

Author James A. Michener:
“;I'm going to get in a pair of shorts and the loudest aloha shirt I have and wear Japanese zori, parade up and down Kalakaua Avenue and have a ball.”;

Movie director John Ford:
“;I think I'll continue some of the celebrating at the Friendly sons of St. Patrick's dinner which is coming up.”;

Dentist Bob Gibson:
“;I'll give my patients' teeth a holiday and contemplate the historic event under a coconut tree.”;

Travel agent Loui Leong Hop:
“;It's just another work day.”;

Hotel owner Roy Kelley:
“;I'll be very busy taking care of the people who will be celebrating.”;

Capitalist Chinn Ho:
“;I will ring a bell borrowed from the S.S. Wilhelmina as soon as Statehood is announced. This will be followed by a party for all tenants of the Capital Investment Building.”;
“;We've distributed about two thousand streamers which we'll be flinging from the windows.”;
“;We're ready to blast off with the biggest celebration Hawaii's ever known.”;