49th State Record Company Isn't Going to Change Name


POSTED: Friday, August 14, 2009

Admission of Alaska to Statehood last year caused a scramble among Jaycees who were sponsoring the 49th State Fair when the bill cleared Congress.

It'll be the 50th State Fair this year, with no danger of a quick change since Congress seems to be making it official.

The 49th State Hawaii Record Company isn't following the Jaycees example, however.

A representative of the firm said that the firm made no plans to change its title when Alaska was admitted and there are none now.


Most business firms with “;Territory”; in their titles aren't planning a change in names either.

Among the businesses that have “;Territorial”; in their names are an audit service, collection agency, contracting company, detective agency, realty firm, loan firm, welding company, a saves and loan association and a chrome-plating firm.

Spokesmen for 11 firms said they have decided to keep their present titles.

The Territorial Savings and Loan Association said its name would be continued to denote the firm's “;age, stability and pre-Statehood background.”;

Most of the others gave similar reasons, saying that the expense and difficulty of changing an established name would not justify revision.

Several firms “;haven't given it a thought,”; and others haven't decided.

Fourteen companies weren't faced with the prospect of change since their titles already included “;State.”;

Among these are an appliance store, a body and fender shop, a building fir, a chemical firm, dry cleaning establishment, construction firm, equipment company, furniture store, jewelry shop, produce firm and tile company.