Hey, Maui: Aerosmith will still walk this way in fall


POSTED: Saturday, August 15, 2009
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Rock band Aerosmith will honor a court settlement and perform a concert on Maui in late September or early October, according to an attorney who represented thousands of ticket holders who sued after the band canceled a concert two years ago.

Attorney Brandee Faria said she talked yesterday with Aerosmith's lawyer, Jay Handlin, and was assured the band would perform.

The band's publicist announced Thursday that it was canceling its summer tour after singer Steven Tyler was injured when he fell off a stage Aug. 5 while performing in South Dakota.

“;The cancellation of the tour and the planned Hawaii shows are like apples and oranges to a certain extent,”; Faria said, specifying one does not preclude the other. “;Part of their court settlement was to do a performance in Hawaii at the conclusion of this tour, and under the terms of the settlement, Aerosmith is committed to coming here.”;

In April the band settled a class-action suit filed after a Maui concert was canceled two years ago. As part of the settlement, the band agreed to perform on Maui this fall. There was talk of a concert on Oahu as well, but nothing was ever confirmed.

Faria said that if the 61-year-old Tyler is still unable to perform, “;the band's defense counsel will have to come forward to the court to explain and plea their case.”;

Tyler suffered head, neck and shoulder injuries in a tumble from the stage's catwalk at an outdoor concert in Sturgis, S.D., while dancing as the sound crew tried to replace a fuse that blew during a performance of the band's hit song “;Love in an Elevator.”;

In a lengthy statement issued yesterday, Tyler said he broke his left shoulder and needed 20 stitches in his head. Tyler thanked the Sturgis police department, the concertgoers who helped him, the band's crew, the helicopter that evacuated him “;for getting me outta there before I bled to death”; and the doctors and nurses at Rapid City Regional Hospital who treated him.

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» Local attorney Jay Handlin, representing Aerosmith in the class-action suit filed by local concertgoers when the band canceled its Maui show originally scheduled two years ago, has said that while the settlement agreement covers the band making up for that missed concert, because of Steven Tyler's injuries that canceled the remaining dates on their recent summer tour, “;the band will honor the commitment (to those Maui concertgoers that filed suit) as soon as reasonably possible.”;