Pushing Oahu's odometer outer limits


POSTED: Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here are Oahu's top cars as far as pushing the odometer limits go.

We invited you to tell us about your car in the June 1 Here's The Deal column called “;Odometer Outer Limits,”; and you responded.

We have everything from a Mazda to a Mercedes. Our top car went above 377,000 miles, while our No. 5 car went above 150,000 miles.

What you made clear is that with the right maintenance and care - but nothing out of the ordinary - you can drive a car well beyond 100,000 miles.

Our No. 5 top car is a 1996 Ford Aerostar that belongs to Dale and Carol Hammond.

This red Ford van survived the 42 days of rain a few years ago, according to the owners, and now has 150,676 miles.

The Hammonds bought the van used, but expect to drive it for a couple of more years. While they may consider Cash For Clunkers, they are also reluctant to give up a roomy van.

“;We love it because it is BIG,”; says Carol Hammond. “;It has an extended back and can hold all the groceries, building supplies, and luggage of family and other visitors, plus the visitors!”;

Because they live near the beach, the salt air has caused the van to rust on top, but Carol says that with some sanding and scraping, they nursed the van back to health.

“;With oil changes, good tires and TLC when it shows any kind of sickness, we hope it will keep on going indefinitely,”; she says.