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POSTED: Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Absentee-by-mail voting is needed

Now is the time to pass an election law that makes it mandatory for all registered voters to vote absentee-by-mail. Our financial situation calls for it, our continued poor record calls for it and, I believe, our voting public wants it. This is the time for change.

If we have concerns as to the process or voter fraud, let's ask the Oregon voting officials how they have overcome it. When we have problems, we ask the ones who know how to fix it.

The one thing that we have so often gone through is that the bill or bills have stopped in the legislative committees. But no more stonewalling, so that the public will have a final say on this important issue.

We need it now to have greater participation of the voting public.

Roy E. Shigemura



Are we headed to socialism?

The widening gap in views between the Democrats and the Republicans are indicative of the Democratic Party adopting socialism as its foundation.

They may not call it that, but all of the legislation currently being promoted is a direct expression of the socialistic view of larger government control, increased government spending and increased government intrusions. Have we so quickly forgotten our history?

We the people have a voice and a right to participate in how our country is governed, but we, including our elected officials, are all subject to our Constitution, which places all of us in subject to the laws of our land, including our elected officials.

The Democratic Party seems to have forgotten that it is still its responsibility to represent its constituents and to listen to them, not try to change their minds.

Cora Newman



Stop animal use in battle training

In July 2008, the Star-Bulletin urged the Army and other services to stop using pigs and other animals in combat casualty care training exercises. Unfortunately, it appears little has changed. Pigs and goats are still used in unnecessary and cruel combat trauma training.

However, Hawaii's members of Congress are in a unique position to improve military medical training. Sen. Daniel Inouye chairs the Committee on Appropriations, which is set to finalize the military spending bill this summer. Sen. Daniel Akaka and Rep. Neil Abercrombie sit on their respective Armed Services committees.

Another year should not pass without improved medical training for those who care for America's fighting men and women.

Douglas Bell, M.D.



No subsidies for abortion

Current proposed health care will result in the biggest expansion of abortion since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973. There is no explicit exclusion for abortion; instead it opens the door to allow abortion to be included as health care coverage. Abortion is not a benefit but an elective and should never be included in health care legislation.

If abortion is not specifically excluded it will leave the American taxpayer with no choice. I am not in favor of subsidizing abortion, and I do not believe the government should be forcing its citizens to pay for abortion.

Barbara J. Ferraro






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