Brief asides


POSTED: Friday, August 07, 2009


Stock up on storm essentials

Suddenly, it seems to be breezier out there. Is it just the imagination — or that hurricane brewing southeast of the island chain?

Either way, be advised that it's hurricane season, which runs through November. That means be ready: Prepare a family disaster plan, a disaster supply kit with enough food and water for three to seven days, medicine, toiletries, clothes, blankets, radio, flashlight and batteries.

And about that hurricance: As of late yesterday, Felicia was a Category 4 hurricane but was expected to weaken; tropical-depression effects could reach the Big Island by early Tuesday. Stay tuned.



Seniors take care of surf and turf

A group of aunties and grandmas, ranging in age from 66 to 94, who deter petty criminals by keeping watch twice a week at Waimanalo Beach Park illustrate the power of the pack. They're not only taking care of their community and the tourists who visit the beach, they're also taking care of each other, and achieving the kind of “;graceful aging”; that geriatricians recommend. Fresh air, friendship and a sense of purpose are a powerful combination for these ladies who, merely by their presence, help make Waimanalo a safer place.