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POSTED: Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Residents need pet education

The story regarding the rescue of 400 animals by the Oahu SPCA and the Humane Society of the United States from Animal Haven in Waianae (”;400 canines, birds and cats saved after shelter owner dies,”; Star-Bulletin, July 22) shows that the community is not effectively being educated about responsible pet ownership.

The number of animals euthanized at the Hawaiian Humane Society every year is displayed on the wall in its animal receiving office; tens of thousands of cats and dogs are put to death each year because there are too many pets and not enough homes.

In addition, the cost to the taxpayer for euthanizing these animals is enormous and could be better spent on other things, like free spay/neuter programs.

Everyone can help the animals by fully understanding that you are making a commitment to care for your pet for its lifetime. Choose to acquire your pet from an animal shelter rather than a pet store or breeder, and, of course, spay and neuter your pet promptly.

Linda Vannatta


Ala Wai repairs garner praise

What a pleasant surprise!

Two years ago, and indeed four years ago as well, I spoke on behalf of many others regarding the sad state of the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor, and the rather grim aspect it presented to the visitor to Honolulu, and especially to the racers arriving there after the long and grueling biannual Transpac sailing race from California.

Shortly afterwards, I was privileged to spend some time at DOBOR with Laura Thielen and her staff, and learned that plans were already under way to remedy the situation, with the explicit approval of Gov. Linda Lingle.

In the intervening two years, a great deal has been accomplished, including a total of 248 brand new—and beautiful—slips at rows B, C, D and F, as well as a number of other improvements on the surrounding dry areas. And I understand there are more improvements in the works, especially to Row 700 and Row 500.

There are many others who deserve thanks as well, including Mayor Mufi Hannemann, the state Legislature, the Transpac Honolulu Committee, all the affected yacht clubs, and volunteers galore.

I know I can speak for everyone who raced to Hawaii this year ... and doubtless for many, many more, visitors and residents alike, when I extend my most sincere congratulations and thanks for the wonderful steps that have been taken at the Ala Wai. It was a great sight to see!

Roy E. Disney


'Centurions' series stirs memories

As a former true Rainbow football player ('68-'70 seasons) now hiding in the central mountains of Pennsylvania at Penn State University, I can say I truly enjoyed following the “;The Centurions”; series over the Internet from afar. Not only was it fun hearing about many of the players and coaches with whom it was my honor to play alongside (so many years ago), the collective sports-writing skills set forth was great throughout the entire effort.

You captured the essence of collegiate football and provided a comprehensive evolution of UH's football program. The profiles unlocked many memories that have been tucked away through the aging process and/or blocked by a concussion, or two!

My one and only disappointment was not seeing the great Tim Buchanan noted among the top 100. Other than that it was an outstanding job. Well done!

Greg Johnson

State College, Penn.




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