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POSTED: Monday, August 03, 2009


Seafood stocks net gain

Environmentalists can tuck into a fish dinner with a little less guilt. Two years after a study warned that overfishing could cause a collapse in the world's seafood stocks by 2048, an update says the tide is turning in five of the eight worst overfished areas of the world. The results show that intensive conservation efforts not only work, but can work quickly, and make scientists more confident that overexploitation can be reversed on a global basis.



About time for new soldier program

The addition of anti-stress programs to the Army's basic training is a welcome and overdue inclusion as U.S. soldiers cycle in and out of war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. The mental health training, which begins Oct. 1, is part of a broader effort to help soldiers deal with the aftermath of combat and prevent suicides. The Associated Press reported that a record 140 soldiers killed themselves last year, pushing the military suicide rate past the civilian rate for the first time since record-keeping began.



It's that time of year again ...

Morning motorists, wipe that sleep from your eyes, down that extra cup of coffee and head out early. On top of the 137 public schools that started phasing back late last week, a remaining 107 more head back today—and that means a lot more traffic on the highways and byways.

Private schools will also start trickling back, so there'll be several weeks to build up one's traffic fortitude before—be strong now—the University of Hawaii's fall semester begins Aug. 24.

So long, summer.