Brief asides


POSTED: Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's never over till it's over

Even with an 8-2 lead at one point in Sunday's Hawaii Little League championship game, the Central Maui all-stars were still hustling. Fortunately for them (but alas for opponent Aiea), the Maui players emerged with a 9-5 win. Good luck to the team as it heads to the West regional in San Bernardino Aug. 7-16, and then, if victorious, to the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania Aug. 21-30. Hawaii fans have had more than a little practice rooting on the little home team: West Oahu won the national LLWS title in 2005, followed by Waipio in 2008 (seen at left).


Lab workers have their hands full

With the H1N1 strain dominating the flu viruses in Hawaii, the Health Department lab has been swamped with specimens. But the lab also performs other vital testing, which has been put on the back burner. Staffers at the lab, and at other labs which have stepped up to help meet demand, should be commended for their efforts. It's good to know there are dedicated people out there working hard to ensure the safety of the public.


Party hardly

Good news for higher education in Hawaii: Not a single college in the state made the Princeton Review's list of top party schools this year. The 2009 rankings are based on a survey of 122,000 students nationwide. Penn State University ranks as the No. 1 party school this year, followed by the University of Florida and the University of Mississippi. No Hawaii colleges, public or private, made the Top 20.