Prostitute testifies about rape at school


POSTED: Thursday, July 23, 2009

One of two prostitutes who say John C. Veikoso raped them recalled jumping out of his speeding pickup truck on the Pali Highway because she believed he was going to kill her.

Veikoso, 21, is on trial in Circuit Court on charges of kidnapping and sexual assault.

One woman said Veikoso raped her on Jan. 18. The other woman said he raped her on Feb. 7. Both women told police Veikoso picked them up downtown and took them to Maunawili Elementary School, where he raped them.

His lawyer, Emmanuel Guerrero, said in opening statements the women had sex with Veikoso for money, but reported being raped because he didn't pay them.

The first woman, 23, testified yesterday that Veikoso dropped her off near Tripler Army Medical Center to be treated for injuries she suffered when she jumped out of the truck. The other woman told police Veikoso let her go at the school after he raped her.

The first woman said she got into Veikoso's vehicle after she agreed to have sex with him for $200. Once she was inside, she said, Veikoso started speeding and punching her. She said he even asked her if she had been raped before.

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The Trial begins for a man accused of kidnapping and raping two prostitutes and one of the alleged victims testifies against him in court.

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The woman said she was afraid for her life because Veikoso repeatedly threatened to kill her and he was taking her far away from where the other prostitutes could find her.

She said she fought off Veikoso but jumped out of the truck's window when he headed onto the Pali Lookout offramp.

“;Like, in Tantalus, at least a mahu will find you on a bad date,”; she said. “;But not in the Pali. That's where people go to die.”;

The woman said she had a gash on her head, injured knees, a broken collarbone and scrapes all over her body when she jumped from the truck. She said she was able to run across the highway before Veikoso caught up with her and dragged her back to the truck.

She said Veikoso took her to Maunawili Elementary, where he helped her wash off blood from her head before raping her.