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POSTED: Thursday, July 23, 2009


Keys to the universe on Mauna Kea

Construction of the world's most powerful telescope is a boon not just for the Big Island, but conceivably for all mankind. The Thirty Meter Telescope will bring hundreds of jobs to the region, greatly expand educational opportunities and allow astronomers to research the origins of our universe like never before. Opposition, whether on environmental or cultural grounds, should not stand in the way of this monumental scientific advancement. Mauna Kea is the premier place for astronomy in the world, and should remain so.



Don't cheap out on being prepared

With money tight, it might be tempting to scrimp on a hurricane kit, and assume those batteries left over from last year will still function, or that there will be time to stock up once a storm is on its way. But disaster preparedness experts advise otherwise, stressing the importance of a well-stocked emergency kit. The city's Department of Emergency Management lists necessary supplies at http://hsblinks.com/iq. Hurricane season lasts through November and the storm risk is higher this year because of El Nino.



Beat the blues with billboards? Not in Hawaii

“;Self worth is greater than net worth.”;

“;This will end long before those who caused it are paroled.”;

Those are a few of the slogans drivers across the country are seeing as part of a billboard campaign dubbed “;Recession 101”; that is intended to remind people of the country's resiliency, designer Charlie Robb told the Associated Press.

Robb said he doesn't mean to sound flippant, especially to people who have lost their jobs and homes, but wants to remind the majority who are employed that fear — of spending or hiring — can hurt the economy, too.

Although that message may resonate in Hawaii, it's better to have a breathtaking natural vista to cheer us up, rather than an pithy billboard. Good thing the billboard ban keeps the signs, but not the sentiment, out of state.