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POSTED: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let voters speak on every issue

“;The voters have spoken.”; I've heard this repeated by City Council members, the mayor and others to justify why the proposed rail system should be supported. That being the case, why don't we vote and ask the citizens of Honolulu if they would like to spend billions on a rail system that won't alleviate congestion instead of fixing our sewage system and roads. Or perhaps we should vote on whether taxpayers should line the pockets of special interests.

Let's vote on whether we should block our beautiful view of Honolulu with an elevated heavy rail. I say we vote on whether we should start the rail project without federal funds. We can vote on whether we should raise property taxes as people are being laid off. Then we can really say the voters have spoken.

I'm disturbed by the callous disregard of our mayor and certain members of the Council and those who would want to be on the Council, to quickly dismiss the real voices from their communities for the nebulous “;the voters have spoken.”; So off we go to follow the yellow brick road, using the phrase as a catch-all for what our politicians do. If the voters have spoken, then let us speak on every important issue and let the mayor and Council do as we vote.

As a graduate of the Hawaii public school system, I say it's not too late to stop the train wreck.

Gerry Nagamine


Gambling would hurt economy

According to Chuck Cohen (”;Gambling is needed to help out Hawaii,”; Star-Bulletin letters, July 7), taxes from gambling could “;reinforce our social safety nets and support our public school systems.”;

This so-called remedy doesn't seem to have applied to Nevada, one of the states with the largest number of foreclosures and unemployed people in the nation. I believe gambling in Hawaii would harm our businesses and drain away their profits by siphoning off money that might otherwise be spent on movies, clothing, rent or even food.

Robin Loomis


Cuts won't hurt Gov. Lingle

Dear Gov. Linda Lingle, So you and your staff will be taking a 5 percent pay cut and two furlough days a month and we are to thank you for setting us an example by leading the way?

How much do you make a year? Over $100,000?

My daughter makes less than $60,000 a year and has two children in college, a mortgage to help pay and, like you, works overtime without pay. You want a person making half your salary to make the same percentage cuts you do?

Wake up, workers! Do not think you are wrong to fight for a decent living wage. The governor already has that, and will continue to when she takes the furlough days and pay cut.

Yoshie Tanabe


Statehood brings back memories

As history was being made in Hawaii in 1959, I fondly remember that I was there.

I was a staff sergeant with Mortar Battery, 25th Infantry Division, Quad D stationed at Schofield Barracks. We had just finished a three-day survival training exercise on the east range when it was announced that Hawaii has been admitted as the 50th state. Our battle group was selected to participate in a statehood parade.

We were bussed to Old Fort DeRussy at the exact site of the Hale Koa Hotel, and we lined up for one of the most memorable parades ever in my 29 years of active duty.

We marched from Fort DeRussy down Ala Moana Boulevard to Aloha Tower. The sidewalks were lined with thousands and thousands of lovely Hawaiian people cheering and celebrating statehood.

Mahalo for giving me the privilege to be part of history.

Al Eisner

Silver Spring, Md.




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