HPD offers house checks for vacationing residents


POSTED: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Question: If I remember correctly, a while back you wrote about the procedure required for anyone wanting the police to drive by a home while the owners are on vacation. If so, can you provide the information or a link or date so I can do a search on the Star-Bulletin Web site?

Answer: We haven't written about such a service, but it's a handy one to keep in mind.

Thanks for the tip, which we'll share with our other readers.

The Honolulu Police Department says uniformed officers will conduct house checks for residents on vacation “;upon request.”;

However, there are requirements and restrictions:

» Only single-family homes are checked.

No stores, construction sites, apartments, condominiums or townhouses qualify; neither do houses that are for sale or rent or being fumigated.

» You must be away for a minimum of five consecutive days.

» Your home must be unoccupied during the entire house-check period.

» Open or indefinite return dates are not accepted.

The maximum number of days HPD will check a home is 30 days.

To sign up, call 911 and ask for an officer to stop by with a house check form to fill out.

If you return earlier than expected, you have to call 911 again to cancel the request.

An officer will be sent to verify the cancellation.

You can find information on other police services by going to the HPD Web site, honolulupd.org. Click on “;frequently requested info,”; then on “;services and links.”;

Question: There was a water main break on Moanalua Road across from the Aiea Library. Since then they patched up the road, but the road remains bumpy, especially the center lane going toward Pearl City. Can you please find out if the Board of Water Supply is going to smooth out the road? I called the board but they couldn't answer the question. Moanalua Road is well traveled. Please help all us motorists who use that road every day.

Answer: The area of Moanalua Road in question will be repaired by a contractor by the end of this month, said Dean Nakano, deputy manager and chief engineer for the Board of Water Supply.

Until then, to address community concerns, he said Board of Water Supply crews have been dispatched to even out the surface as best as they can.

If the condition deteriorates, call 748-5000 and “;we will try to smooth out the road again,”; Nakano said.

“;We appreciate the patience of motorists who use this road as we work as quickly as possible to address this situation.”;

Question: Regarding the “;auwe”; about the couple who threw their sofa into Manoa Stream (”;Kokua Line,”; July 8): Were they issued a citation for littering? If not, why not? Did they just get a slap on their wrists after they removed their sofa and sent on their merry way to continue to litter our aina? I am another concerned citizen.

Answer: The police officers who responded to the 911 calls about the brazen act of littering had the discretion to warn the couple instead of issuing a citation.

That's the word from the Honolulu Police Department.

They decided to warn the couple and did not cite either individual for littering, said HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu.


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