Seventh heaven for Kaneohe CC


POSTED: Sunday, July 19, 2009

During Kaneohe Canoe Club's run of six consecutive Na 'Ohana O Na Hui Wa'a titles that began in 2003, the club relied on its foundation of youth paddlers for the majority of its points.

However, faced with a lower turnout across the board for a variety of personal and economic reasons this season, the club pulled together for a total team effort and claimed its seventh consecutive organizational championship in the Hui Wa'a Championship Regatta yesterday at Keehi Lagoon.

Kaneohe tallied 67 points to win both the overall title and the AA Division (13-24 crews entered), and staved off fellow medium-sized club rival Waikiki Beach Boys, which mounted a late rally resulting in 64 club points. Manu O Ke Kai finished third overall, claiming the AAA Division (25-39 crews entered) with 57 points, and held off Koa Kai (47 points) and Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (36 points). North Shore (23 points) won the A Division (6-12 crews entered) for small clubs.

While Waikiki won a regatta-high 10 races, Kaneohe — which won six races — scored at least one point in every race it entered. Crews scored five points for each race win, three for second place, two for third and one for fourth.

“;I always believe one step at a time, one race at a time, one regatta at a time,”; Kaneohe coach Clint Anderson said. “;We won six years in a row, and another one this year, we worked hard to take it.

“;From the beginning, from the kids to the adults, everybody brought in points and that's really solid. It's a good feeling because the whole club did it together, and that's the difference from all the other years.”;

Kaneohe held a 53-28 lead over Waikiki through the day's first 31 events, but as they have done all season, the Beach Boys rallied as the adult races came around. Waikiki notched all 10 victories within the regatta's final 15 events, making for a tight finish.

“;Our main goal was to win the (cumulative points race in as many) divisions and qualify for states,”; said Patrick Switzer, a member of Waikiki's victorious men's senior crew, and coach of the men's novice crews. “;And because it's in Hilo (where some lanes have drastic advantages over others due to the layout of the bay), earning the higher seeds for lane drawing makes a huge difference.

“;We had a rough start early on in the day, and in some races where we normally score points, we fell flat on our faces. But we did the best we can do, and every paddler that could make it out for the regatta season got a chance to paddle, and that's what our program is all about.”;

In addition to earning Hui Wa'a's annual “;Club of the Year”; award, Waikiki coach Sean Monahan took home “;Coach of the Year”; honors for the second straight season. Three of the club's women's crews (freshman, sophomore and senior) capped perfect seasons.

“;Taking this into states, it's quite a bit of momentum to accomplish so much for the club this season — but it is only a starting point,”; said Waikiki president and paddler Dana Gorecki, a member of the victorious senior and open four crews. “;It's surprising to win both club and coach of the year, and it's definitely about being supportive of each other in Hui Wa'a.”;

The championship event featured more than 1,500 paddlers representing 18 canoe clubs in age divisions ranging from 12 and under to 60 and above. The paddlers traversed courses ranging from a quarter-mile to 1 1/2 miles. The top three crews in each event — according to the seasonlong cumulative standings points — receive berths in the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association's state championship regatta Aug. 1 on Hilo Bay.

“;The Beach Boys are a machine; you can't take anything away from them,”; Anderson said. “;And Manu (O Ke Kai) and Uncle Randy (Sanborn, the club president) are solid as well. I'm happy to be part of Hui Wa'a, and to coach against them. All I can ask for is that we all go to states and do our best, that's what it's all about.”;

Now the qualifying crews must work with their clubs to figure out transportation and other costs associated with traveling to the state race. In addition to flying the paddlers to Hilo, clubs must either ship their delicate and very expensive koa canoes to the Big Island or work with clubs there to rent the boats.

But the process is worth it because “;it's always fun to get in the koas and race,”; Switzer said.

Hui Wa'a crews race in fiberglass canoes throughout the regular season.

“;It's going to be a big battle,”; Waikiki paddler Patrick Nguyen said of the state competition. “;We've had a lot of great races, and (our Hui Wa'a competitors) are always pushing us to get better. It's always good to work harder than the competition.”;

The Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association holds its championship regatta today at Keehi Lagoon.

Three-time defending organizational champion and reigning state-title holder Lanikai looks to hold off its surging Windward-side neighbor, Kailua. Lanikai has won three regattas and Kailua two this season, while Outrigger could have a say in the final results as well.


Hui Wa'a Championship Regatta


at Keehi Lagoon

OverallAAA: 1. Manu O Ke Kai 57; 2. Koa Kai 47; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 36. AA: Kaneohe 67; 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 64; 3. Lokahi 27; 4. Kamehameha 18; 5. 'Alapa Hoe 16; 6. Waikiki Yacht Club 2. A: North Shore 23; 2. Kalihi-Kai 18; 2. Ka Mamalahoe Canoe 18; 4. Kumulokahi-Elks 17; 5. Windward Kai 5; 6. Hawaiian Outrigger 4; 7. Pukana O Ke Kai 3; 7. Kai Poha 3; 9. I Mua 0.

Specials:1. Kai Poha (Jeremy Stevens, Barbi Hope, Dane Kaluhiwa, Kayla Uyeshiro, Case McKinley, Mariah Murdock-Sharpsteen), 2:13.19; 2. Kumulokahi-Elks 2:16.89; 3. Kaneohe 2:42.59; 4. Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club 2:59.58.

Girl 12—1. Kaneohe (Mahealani Rowland, Breaun Telefoni, Shyleen Hussey, Brianne Park, Wendilee Domingo, Cheyenne Espinda), 2:21.81; 2. Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club 2:33.74; 3. Manu O Ke Kai 2:34.65; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:35.68.

Boys 12: 1. Kaneohe (Keawe Long III, Dylan Char, Spencer Sproat, Kamahao Spencer, Bronson Adams, Kekai Kamahoahoa), 2:08.32; 2. 'Alapa Hoe 2:12.13; 3. Kumulokahi-Elks 2:20.61; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:22.81.

Girls 13: 1. Kumulokahi-Elks (Kaylynn Palama, Brandi Pascua, Keakealani Kaluhiokalani, Kauanoe Ganal, Justyce Pascua, Maluhia Moses), 2:13.99; 2. Kaneohe 2:15.55; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:19.70; 4. Koa Kai 2:27.85.

Boys 13: 1. Kaneohe (Dustin Ramil-Rivera, Keahi Aoyagi, Eric Alabanza, Kapua Salzon, Corey Lau Jr., Axell Silen), 2:08.84; 2. Koa Kai 2:13.59; 3. Kumulokahi-Elks 2:24.05; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:33.81.

Girls 14: 1. Kamehameha (Maryna Feldberg, Clara Schlieman, Megan Kono, Emerald Bagay, Natasha Travens, Raven Howser), 2:18.25; 2. Kaneohe 2:23.78; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:24.86; 4. Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club 2:39.69.

Boys 14: 1. Kaneohe (Swayze-Lee Kaaihue, Jonah Ganzagan, Eric Alabanza, Russ Kimokeo, Keoki Silva-Vares, David Russo), 2:04.19; 2. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:05.06; 3. Koa Kai 2:15.90; 4. 'Alapa Hoe 2:30.26.

Mixed 12: 1. 'Alapa Hoe (Ryan Sanford, TJ Bajarin, Randon Tultama, Brandee Anglin, Jessica Mateo, Britni Abrigo), 2:11.20; 2. Kaneohe 2:12.64; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:14.52; 4. Kalihi-Kai 2:30.95.

Mixed novice B: 1. Ka Mamalahoe Canoe Club (Lei Ayat, Cammie Dooley, Caitlyn Milare, Rich Lozada, Michael Moriya, Thomas Dooley), 1:54.96; 2. Lokahi 1:56.71; 3. Kaneohe 2:00.94; 4. Waikiki Yacht Club 2:01.81.

Women novice B: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (nina Agbayani, Zoey Salva, Sophia Orillo, Alana Kamikawa, Nella Cainglit, Christina MacMiller), 2:12.19; 2. North Shore 2:12.80; 3. Ka Mamalahoe Canoe Club 2:13.37; 4. Koa Kai 2:14.62.

Women 55: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (Lyndy Gasior, Yolanda Racca, Donna Machado, Gloria Anderson, Susan Luehrs, Sundra Ornellas), 4:59.85; 2. North Shore 5:01.34; 3. Ka Mamalahoe Canoe Club 5:02.81; 4. Kao Poha 5:06.57.

Men 55: 1. Koa Kai (Dan Gagich, Kapena Kim, Benjamin Ancheta, Dickie Chow, Jeffery Tario, Bill King), 4:00.00; 2. Lokahi 4:04.89; 3. Ka Mamalahoe Canoe Club 4:15.37; 4. Windward Kai 4:26.81.

Women 60: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (Susan Luehrs, Lee Higgins, Dawn Peerson, Lyndy Gasior, Dariene Heck, Marilyn Giddens, Joe Mastrantonio), 4:11.43; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 4:14.07; 3. Windward Kai 4:38.48; 4. Kalihi Kai 4:39.19.

Women 50: 1. North Shore (Folly Murdock, Barbara Fisher, Diedre M. Erickson, Kimberly Walsh, Jane Duncan, Donna Moore), 4:30.77; 2. Kaneohe 4:36.32; 3. Manu O Ke Kai 4:52.88; 4. Waikiki Yacht Club 5:03.31.

Mixed 55: 1. Ka Mamalahoe Canoe Club (Christine Nishi, Charlotte Meyer, Nola Farla, Michael Tosaki, Scott Thompson, Ted Kunishige), 4:12.87; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 4:21.19; 3. Koa Kai 4:26.79; 4. Kaneohe 4:31.03.

Men 50: 1. Lokahi (Michael Cushnie, Lance Ponce, Stan Nishikawa, Walter Oshiro, Rodney Ouchi, Daniel Ellis), 3:49.92; 2. Koa Kai 4:00.33; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:00.78; 4. Kaneohe 4:02.08.

Mixed 60: 1. Lokahi (Teena Urban, Mort Watson, Caryll Fagan, Wayne Babineau, Joe Mastrantonio, Meredith Miller), 4:38.96; 2. Koa Kai 4:41.10; 3. Manu O Ke Kai 4:50.76; 4. Kai Poha 5:13.44.

Mixed 45: 1. North Shore (Folly Murdock, Vince Delapenia, Jane Duncan, Darryl Barbadillo, Larson Mondina, Donna Moore), 4:12.44; 2. Koa Kai 4:16.90; 3. Kaneohe 4:21.90; 4. Kai Poha 4:23.49.

Men novice B: 1. Kalihi-Kai (Frank Camacho Jr., Enoka Lucas, Kelena Ho'okano, Keala Kahuanui-Paleka, Walokeola Stanley, Peter Kalei) 3:50.17; 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 3:53.09; 3. Kamehameha 3:56.68; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 3:57.53.

Girls 15: 1. Kamehameha (Kayla Kawamura, Ericka Saito, Jessica Shon, Kylie Faildo, Raven Howser, Joni Tamamoyo) 4:46.24; 2. 'Alapa Hoe 4:46.78; 3. Pukana O Ke Kai 4:48.71; 4. Kailhi-Kai 5:01.26.

Boys 15: 1. Na Keiki O ka Mo'i (Cody Pila, Kamalei Arruda, Cole Kaaekuahiwi-Pavao, Aukai Branco, Alaka'i Kauhane-Kaaekuahiwi, Josh Williams) 4:07.26; 2. Koa Kai 4:11.26; 3. Kaneohe 4:22.34; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 4:47.56.

Girls 16: 1. Kumulokahi-Elks (Larina Benitez, Maluhia Moses, Keakealani Kaluhiokalani, Kaylynn Plama, Keana Paez, Miko Fujimoto-Poaha) 4:44.80; 2. Kaneohe 4:53.85; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:59.27; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 5:01.55.

Boys 16: 1. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (Cole Kaaekuhiwi-Pavao, Alii Popa, Elijah Valdez, Cody Pila, Josh Williams, Kawika Nunes) 3:56.06; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 4:02.96; 3. Kaneohe 4:08.80; 4. Koa Kai 4:18.02.

Girls 18: 1. Kaneohe (Tiare Lafradez, Xian Pomare, Kalahiki Long, Teresa Rogers, Kelia Parrilla, Kree Espinda) 4:46.17; 2. Kumulokahi-Elks 4:46.51; 3. Kamehameha 4:47.01; 4. 'Alapa Hoe 4:53.54.

Women novice A: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Kathryn Stanaway, Nicolette Rowe, Jenny Lutz, Annett Wichman, Laura Birse, Leah Lawyer) 4:07.29; 2. Koa Kai 4:38.37; 3. Kalihi-Kai 4:39.13; 4. Kaneohe 4:42.13.

Boys 18: 1. Manu O Ke Kai ( Mason Mondina, Branson Chun, Rocco Tramontano, Tommy Escorzon, Brennan Souza, Travis Deuz) 8:21.50; 2. Koa Kai 8:35.68; 3. Kaneohe 8:44.66.

Men novice A: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (David Sischo, Shawn Pe'a, Joe Giovannini, Nic Van Der Lee, Elton Dubols, Scott Wishart) 7:55.66; 2. 'Alapa Hoe 8:17.80; 3. Lokahi 8:27.53; 4. Kamehameha 8:28.83.

Women freshmen: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Susannah Johnson, Verena Snively,Sandra Vajcs, Cherie Lee, Lisa Kopacz, Raye Powell) 8:49.23; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 9:26.10; 3. Koa Kai 9:42.50; 4. Windward Kai 10:10.29.

Men freshmen: 1. Koa Kai ( Michael Poteet, Joseph Kanana, John Chemycz II, Pual Amoy, James Fabrigas, Dave Randall) 7:46.19; 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 7:49.42; 3. Manu O Ke Kai 8:12.62; 4. Windward Kai 8:31.28.

Women sophomore: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Annett Wichman, Kimberly Ivey, Andrea Hall, Andrea Ignacio, Julie Aio, Polar Bear Lichowski) 8:23.21; 2.Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 9:34.30; 3. North Shore 9:38.47; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 9:51.83.

Men sophomore: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (Glenn Williams, Paki Lagunte, Derf Ibrao, Bobo Tantog, Tim Vierra, Robert Pactol) 7:46.20; 2. Koa Kai 7:56.10; 3. Waikiki Beach Boys 7:56.37; 4. Kamehameha 8:02.24.

Women senior: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Kelsa Teeters, Jen Polcer, Dana Gorecki, Kaui Pelekane, Andrea Messer, Rachel Bruntsch) 12:43.98; 2. Kalihi-Kai 13:56.16; 3. Kaneohe 14:34.67; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 14:56.65.

Men senior: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Franco Arango, Dane Keohohou, J Donovan, Patrick Nguyen, Victor Bovino-Agostini, Patrick Switzer) 11:25.84; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 11:36.07; 3. Kaneohe 11:48.71; 4. Koa Kai 12:05.02.

Women masters 40: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Ellen Argo, Kehau Ching, Julia Compton, Karen Nordine, Paulette Rowe, Leah Miller) 8:49.68; 2. North Shor 9:08.65; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 9:18.42; 4. Kaneohe 9:25.77.

Men masters 40: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (Charley Tantog, Moku Sanborn, DJ Oga, Richard Moore, Brian Amantiad, Greg Pavao) 7:47.05; 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 8:05.48; 3. Kamehameha 8:08.17; 4. Kaneohe 8:17.78.

Women open four: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Kelsa Teeters, Rachel Oramnge, Jen Polcer, Dana Gorecki) 4:34.05; 2. Kailhi-Kai 4:34.84; 3. Lokahi 5:13.11; 4. Pukana O Ke Kai 5:21.40.

Men open four: 1. Kaneohe (Bradda Figueroa, Philip Kaniho, Micah Apo, Keoni Anderson) 4:03.80; 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 4:06.83; 3. Kalihi-Kai 4:07.90; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:22.13.

Mixed masters 40: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Ellen Argo, Raymon Orange, Kehau Ching, Jan Tillman, Kaui Pelekane, J Donovan) 3:54.58; 2. Koa Kai 4:04.21; 3. North Shore 4:14.49; 4. Lokahi 4:15.00.

Mixed men and women: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Meredith Takara, Rachel Bruntsch, Andrea Messer, Jason Ignacio, Victor Bovino-Agostini, Franco Arango) 3:53.44; 2. Kaneohe 3:54.67; 3. Ka Mamalahoe 3:56.11; 4. Lokahi 4:01.28.