Brief asides


POSTED: Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ahem. Dinner please?

Science has now confirmed what cat owners already knew: Kitty's in charge. Research reported in the journal Current Biology showed that some cats' usual contented purr took on a more urgent, insistent tone when the felines were hungry, a distinction so pronounced that even people who had never owned cats got the message.

Cats apparently learn to repeat the technique after trying it out on their owners and seeing that the intensity results in more rapid meal service, the researchers wrote.


Who really belongs behind bars?

Just how badly does someone want to defile public property that he or she pays admission to do it?

Very badly, it seems, as the Honolulu Zoo was hit Monday with a rash of graffiti etched on animal display windows. So disappointing, as the vandalism occurred in broad daylight at such a family-friendly place. The zoo does have surveillance cameras, but no culprit(s) was spotted because the devices are aimed at the animals, not people. In this case, though, which was which?


Swapping days for the swap meet

Good news for UH football fans at Aloha Stadium. It looks as though the swap meet is moving to Fridays on weekends with games scheduled.

This should have a big impact on traffic, as fans don't have to wait for vendors to leave the parking lot before setting up their epic pregame tailgate parties.

Another possible plus is that game times could be moved earlier, which would allow for more coverage of the Warriors on the mainland. With games starting after 6 p.m., by the time the game's over, people on the mainland are likely to be fast asleep.