Kailua paddles to Kaupiko victory


POSTED: Monday, July 13, 2009

If yesterday's Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association regatta represents a sign of things to come in Sunday's OHCRA championship, then the organization could be in store for a changing of the guard atop its leaderboard.

Kailua Canoe Club won its second regatta of the season, racking up 88 points on six victories in the annual John D. Kaupiko Regatta hosted by Hui Nalu Canoe Club at Keehi Lagoon. Kailua paced the AAA Division (27-39 crews entered) ahead of Lanikai (68 points)—the reigning state champion and three-time defending OHCRA title holder—as well as Outrigger (66 points) and Hui Nalu (46 points).

“;We had a really lucky day, we had some really close finishes,”; said second-year Kailua head coach Kathy Erwin. “;Last time we won (in Kailua's Kamehameha Regatta on June 14) it was because we had so many second- and third-place finishes. But we had some lucky wins today. It's very exciting.”;

More than 2,500 paddlers competed in age divisions ranging from 12-and-under to 60-and-above representing 18 member clubs in the regatta, which featured 39 races spanning in length from a quarter mile to 1.5 miles.

Through the first 25 races, Hui Lanakila held a slim 47-46 lead over Windward-side competitors Kailua and Lanikai. However, Kailua won four of the regatta's final nine events.

“;I was really pleased that we paddled a (disqualification)-free race. To me that's very important because everybody is so good,”; Erwin said. “;Holding onto as many points earned is vital.”;

Kailua led Lanikai 72-63 with four races remaining, and clinched the victory when its mixed masters 55 crew turned in its best performance of the season with a new crew combination. The squad finished the half-mile course in 4 minutes, 23.8 seconds to nail down the win for their club.

“;We were trying to get it going today; that was our plan, and we did what we needed to. ... We'll see what happens next week,”; said the crew's stroker, Mike “;Sully”; Sullivan. His winning teammates included: Sarah Jane Watson, Pamela Monahan, Leonard Chong, Suzi Mechler and Robert Amaral.

Outrigger claimed the men's senior race, and earned the perpetual Kala Kukea Memorial Trophy. The crew of Scott Gamble, Kristin Brown, Craig Gamble, Michael Kane, Billy Lawson and Jimmy Austin traversed the 1.5-mile course in 10:51.85.

“;We've been working as a team for a while now and it seems to be paying off,”; Scott Gamble said. “;It's always nice to win, but we have a lot more work to do. It's an honor to race with all these guys and we're fortunate to be part of it. Every time we line up, we know it's against the best paddlers from all the clubs.”;

The club is still riding high off the previous week's win in the annual Walter J. Macfarlane Regatta on July 4 at Waikiki Beach. Outrigger dominated the surf-to-shore race, amassing 100 points on 13 victories.

“;It gave us something positive to build on,”; Gamble said. “;That was our home race, and everybody there competes because it's a special race.”;

With a final chance to assert its position over the OHCRA competition less than a week away, Lanikai first-year head coach Jimmy Bruhn knows there's work to be done.

“;We got smoked, we were flat ... no excuses,”; Bruhn said. “;We got beaten to a pulp. We're going to go fix things this week, and hopefully come back strong to qualify more crews for states.”;

Hui Lanakila dominated the AA Division (14-26 crews entered) with a 55-25 advantage over the next closest competitor, Keahiakahoe, thanks in part to the sustained success of its women's program. The club won the women's novice A, freshman, sophomore, senior and girls 15 races in addition to claiming first in the men's sophomore and mixed novice B events.

Waimanalo eked out a narrow victory in the A Division (1-13 crews entered), finishing 10 points ahead of Waikiki Surf Club (9 points) and Makaha (6 points).

OHCRA returns to Keehi Lagoon on Sunday for its championship regatta, where the organization's berths into the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association's state championship regatta on Aug. 1 at Hilo Bay will be decided.

The Na 'Ohana O Na Hui Wa'a organization holds its championship regatta at Keehi Lagoon on Saturday.


Na Keiki wins at Waikiki

Na Keiki O Ka Moi won the AAA Division (25-plus crews) at Na Ohana O Na Hui Wa'a's Waikiki Beach Boys Invitational Regatta at Waikiki Beach yesterday.

The club scored 72 points to beat out Koa Kai, which totaled 66 points.

Host Waikiki Beach Boys earned first place in the AA Division (13-24 crews) with 65 points, followed by second-place Lokahi with 44 points.

In the A Division (6-12 crews), Ka Mamalahoe took the top spot with 27 points. Waikiki Yacht Club and Hawaiian Outrigger placed second with 17 points apiece.



John D. Kaupiko Regatta

At Ke'ehi Lagoon

Team results

AAA—1. Kailua 88; 2. Lanikai 68; 3. Outrigger 66; 4. Hui Nalu 46.

AA—1. Hui Lanakila 55; 2. Keahiakahoe 25; 3. Healani 22; 4. Leeward Kai 17; 5. New Hope 7.

A—1. Waimanalo 10 ; 2. Waikiki Surf Club 9; 3. Makaha 6 ; 4. Keola o Ke Kai 5; 5. Anuenue 3; 6. Kai Oni 2; 7. Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club 0 ; 7. Pu'uloa Outrigger 0.

Special race 1—1. Kailua (Sunny Kane, Patrisha Pollard, Shianne Hybbert, Mia Cremer, Pi'i Clemens, Dustye Kahale), 1:57.84; 2. Healani 2:00.93; 3. Waikiki Surf Club 2:13.62; 4. Kailua 2:15.31.

Girls 12—1. Outrigger (Kara Nystul, Elizabeth Allen, Kiele Schwinn, Amber Daniel, Nicole Fong, Tiare Gill), 2:36.82; 2. Lanikai 2:37.16; 3. Leeward Kai 2:38.69; 4. Hui Lanakila 2:39.26.

Boys 12—1. Makaha (Glenn-William Titsworth-Machado, Elray Santiago Jr., Dustin Callahan, Telea Lui III, Barry Westlake Jr., William Domen), 2:19.69; 2. Keola o Ke Kai 2:20.49; 3. Lanikai 2:21.18; 4. Healani 2:22.50.

Mixed 12—1.Hui Nalu (Kelsi Cottrell, Noa Mizuno, Alex Look, Jacob Davison, Catharine Creadick, Ariyana Parker), 2:24.97; 2. Lanikai 2:37.98; 3. Leeward Kai 2:46.01; 4. Keahiakahoe 2:48.06.

Girls 13—1. Lanikai (Kira Szabo, Claire Steinemann, Grace Kelliher, Madison Miyamura, Liana Mayer, Heather Foti), 2:19.65; 2. Keahiakahoe 2:21.50; 3. Kailua 2:23.48; 4. Healani 2:28.50.

Boys 13—1.Waimanalo (Mikiele Kauhi, Travis Mundon, Ka'au Bradley, Po'okela Stephens, Lanakila Reis-Moniz, Dakota Lee), 2:06.42; 2. Hui Nalu 2:13.96; 3. Hui Lanakila 2:16.27; 4. Leeward Kai 2:19.40.

Girls 14—1. Outrigger (Lea Dimarchi, Lauren Ashford, Nicole Johnson, Alexandra Whiting, Madison Pelayo, Kahala Schneider), 2:19.92; 2. Kailua 2:25.61; 3. Kai Oni 2:28.29; 4. Keahiakahoe 2:28.84.

Boys 14—1. Lanikai (Walker Smith, Zachary Vollert, Aaron Madden, Kaulu Adams, Ryley Ellis, Stavros Bessonoff), 1:56.61; 2. Kailua 1:58.19; 3. Healani 2:08.58; 4. Makaha 2:10.06.

Women novice B—1. Lanikai (Jessica Trainor, Terry Zelko, Karen Arthur, Courtney Gates, Robin Lloyd, Polly Slade), 2:13.47; 2. Kailua 2:15.12; 3. Healani 2:16.88; 4. Waikiki Surf Club 2:17.19.

Mixed novice B—1. Hui Lanakila (Eko Lapp, Jorge Peapealalo, Arielle Kline, Eric Nicol, Rachel Martin, Scott Harvey), 1:57.67; 2. Healani 2:01.45; 3. New Hope 2:09.22; 4. Lanikai 2:10.43.

Men novice B—1. Kailua (Shawn Lepine, Christopher MacDonald, Kila Kamakawiwo'ole, Jeff Swartz, Ethan Brown, Matthew Punua), 3:50.73; 2. Lanikai 3:53.43; 3. Healani 3:55.94; 4. Anuenue 4:02.74.

Girls 15—1. Hui Lanakila (Cortney Napoleon, Keo Cullen, Kalei Naauao, Ui Perry, Makamae Ah Mook Sang, Kamalolo Koanui-Kong), 4:35.57; 2. Outrigger 4:36.84; 3. Healani 4:46.80; 4. Kailua 5:01.34.

Boys 15—1. Lanikai (Andrew Miscovich, Derek Ruebenstahl, Lincoln Liesemeyer, Matthew Mench, Cheyne Mench, Keoni DePonte), 3:55.34; 2. Kailua 3:55.99; 3. Outrigger 4:03.24; 4. Keahiakahoe 4:17.83.

Girls 16 and under—1. Leeward Kai (Melanie Say, Sydney Inay, Jazlin Porter, Wailani Inay-Kekahuna, Kami Navarro, Kehaulani Kelii), 4:52.31; 2. Hui Nalu 4:58.37; 3. Keola o Ke Kai 5:00.42; 4. Kailua 5:05.54.

Boys 16 and under—1. Leeward Kai (Kekoa Kau, Kalani Kaaa, Kainoa Philpotts, Daniel Rzonca, Dylan Kuewa, Dayne Van Gieson), 3:57.82; 2. Lanikai 3:58.97; 3. Kailua 4:05.24; 4. Hui Nalu 4:06.12.

Girls 18 and under—1. Waikiki Surf Club (Ku'ulei Smith, Elizabeth Leong, Anna Koethe, Makaloa Yim, Samantha Leong, Sarah Pratt), 4:36.40; 2. Kailua 4:38.58; 3. Hui Lanakila 4:39.19; 4. Keahiakahoe 4:49.30.

Boys 18 and under—1. Kailua (Ka'onohi Malama-Custer, Alika Guillaume, Lawrence Soto, Tallii Monmaney, Taylor Ho, Patrick Tepea), 7:31.47; 2. Hui Nalu 7:31.74; 3. Outrigger 7:54.29; 4. Keahiakahoe 8:00.49.

Women novice A—1. Hui Lanakila (Hanna Levitz, Kili Yuen, Betta Yeung, Lianne Aukai, Jennifer Cheung, Alika Horner), 4:25.72; 2. Outrigger 4:28.78; 3. Keahiakahoe 4:32.70; 4. Hui Nalu 4:34.77.

Men novice A—1. Lanikai (Dikran Salmon, Scott Coffman, Nick Youngleson, Jesse Hampton, Zach Luechauer, Chris Wittig), 7:28.31; 2. Kailua 7:29.24; 3. Anuenue 7:44.50; 4. Hui Lanakila 7:49.80.

Women freshmen—1. Hui Lanakila (Crissy Helm, Sarajane Larkin, Madi Minkel, Jaime Kuamoo, Claire Townsend, Lori Nakamura), 8:24.45; 2. Kailua 8:31.45; 3. Lanikai 8:49.15; 4. Hui Nalu 9:07.54.

Men freshmen—1.Outrigger (Scott Gamble, David Fan, Craig Gamble, Simeon Ke-Paloma, Noah Gibson, Billy Lawson), 7:04.46; 2. Hui Lanakila 7:07.63; 3. Kailua 7:22.32; 4. Hui Nalu 7:33.43.

Sophomore women—1. Hui Lanakila (Mikala Bradley, Arlene Holzman, Jaimie Kinard, Pauahi Ioane, Michelle Arnold, Sarah Vandevanter), 8:07.62; 2. Outrigger 8:20.99; 3. Kailua 8:23.58; 4. Hui Nalu 8:38.36.

Sophomore men—1. Hui Lanakila (Mike Hangai, Sean Kaawa, Chris Tseu, Raven Aipa, Hayden Ramler, Makena Fernandez), 7:06.89; 2. Lanikai 7:11.53; 3. Kailua 7:21.74; 4. Outrigger 7:24.79.

Women junior—1. Hui Nalu (Tia Blankenfeld, Jessica Carew, Moea Defries, Angela Faanunu, Heidi Guth, Becky Fardal), 9:15.83; 2. Keahiakahoe 9:18.27; 3. Outrigger 9:22.46; 4. Lanikai 9:24.62.

Men junior—1. Healani (Kyle Kennedy-Pocock, Tad Yamashita, Kea Paiaina, Joven Asuncion, Patrick Von, Colin Wills), 7:19.04; 2. Hui Lanakila 7:29.03; 3. Leeward Kai 7:29.26; 4. Kailua 7:51.99.

Women senior—1. Hui Lanakila (Mikala Bradley, Arlene Holzman, Jaimie Kinard, Sarah Vandevanter, Madi Minkel, Lori Nakamura), 12:48.70; 2. Outrigger 12:59.82; 3. Kailua 13:17.96; 4. Hui Nalu 13:30.40.

Men senior—1. Outrigger (Scott Gamble, Kristin Brown, Craig Gamble, Michael Kane, Billy Lawson, Jimmy Austin), 10:51.85; 2. Hui Lanakila 11:02.23; 3. Kailua 11:02.77; 4. Lanikai 11:14.48.

Woman masters 60—1. Hui Nalu (Nani Akeo, Paddy Dunn, Cynthia Sharp, Nancy Rocheleau, Marilyn Kiner, Pat Chung), 5:03.91; 2. Kailua 5:04.77; 3. Outrigger 5:22.31; 4. Lanikai 5:47.34.

Men masters 60—1. Outrigger (Tay Perry, Barton Watson, Willilam Johnson, John Finney, Ronald Hochuli, Glenn Perry), 4:06.98; 2. Keahiakahoe 4:11.81; 3. Kailua 4:15.50; 4. New Hope 4:35.20.

Women golden masters 55—1. Hui Nalu (Lita Blankenfeld, Diane Warncke, Dianne Harrison, Lurline Mcgregor, Mary Fern, Dayna Owskey), 4:36.75; 2. Kailua 4:50.30; 3. Lanikai 4:57.10; 4. Outrigger 5:22.00.

Men golden masters 55—1. Waimanalo (William Mowat, Bernie Paloma, Dennis Sallas, Harold Akeo, Gary Samura, Harvey Aki), 3:57.50; 2. Outrigger 4:01.86; 3. Kailua 4:31.56; 4. New Hope 4:47.59.

Senior women masters 50—1. Kailua (Donna Meyer, Ann Farrell, Kathy Erwin, Jeanie Mau, Lois Wise, Carleen Ornellas), 4:27.13; 2. Lanikai 4:29.29; 3. Outrigger 4:49.99; 4. Hui Nalu 5:05.50.

Senior men masters 50—1.Kailua (Paul Hewlett, Walter Hamasaki, Stephen Holbrook, Benny Quitevis, Nyle Warinner, Kamoa Kalama), 3:46.56; 2. Outrigger 3:47.18; 3. Lanikai 3:50.35; 4. Hui Nalu 4:09.68.

Women masters 40—1. Hui Nalu (Pono Tuinei, Lorey Bode, Shelley Fey, Kelly Fey, Erin Noordhoff, Denise Darval-Chang), 8:39.57; 2. Kailua 8:53.71; 3. Lanikai 9:27.81; 4. New Hope 9:57.81.

Men masters 40—1. Outrigger (Mark Sandvold, Bruce Black, Robert Harrison, John Wacker, Jon Bryan, Stewart Kawakami), 7:22.50; 2. Hui Nalu 7:26.18; 3. Healani 7:30.83; 4. Lanikai 7:32.07.

Women open four—1. Lanikai (Joey Foti, Kris Krengel, Mandy Startup, Nicole Radford), 4:43.28; 2. Hui Lanakila 4:48.02; 3. Outrigger 4:49.30; 4. Kailua 4:53.12.

Men open four—1. Keahiakahoe (Jace Faufata, Kamu Lau, Tyson Rodrigues, Ty Fu), 3:53.20; 2. Kailua 3:57.13; 3. Hui Lanakila 3:57.77; 4. Outrigger 4:01.22.

Mixed masters 55—1. Kailua (Sarah Jane Watson, Sully Sullivan, Pamela Monahan, Leonard Chong, Suzi Mechler, Robert Amaral), 4:23.80; 2. Keahiakahoe 4:25.30; 3. New Hope 4:27.10; 4. Outrigger 4:32.97.

Mixed masters 40—1. Lanikai (Mark Miller, Maya Cooper, Stephen Freitas, Natalie Bessonoff, David Smith, Lei Cunningham), 4:05.66; 2. Kailua 4:06.86; 3. Outrigger 4:11.25; 4. Hui Nalu 4:15.83.

Mixed men and women—1. Kailua (Magic Martin, Cortney Singlehurst, Kawai Mahoe, Michelle Aitro, Christian Fern, Kanoe Ornellas), 3:54.82; 2. Waikiki Surf Club 3:55.77; 3. Healani 3:56.53; 4. Keahiakahoe 3:58.61.