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POSTED: Friday, July 10, 2009

Take action now on health care!

It's truly disgraceful how we don't take care of our own. We donate billions of our tax dollars to other countries trying to save them from themselves, yet our own citizens die from lack of proper health care. We treat illegal immigrants better than our own. Congress truly needs to get a real taste of what it's like to be subject to losing everything due to health costs. This is the real reason any of them are against voting for universal health care: They won't be the only ones getting “;royal treatment”; fully covered.

The power of the people needs to be restored back to the people. Just because you serve in a government seat does not give you the right to fleece the American public by ensuring you are protected with guaranteed wages, no limit to your term and lifetime health coverage. I, along with the majority of the nation, have had it. It has got to stop and stop now. Not 10 years from now, or next year or next month. Here and now.

People, speak up. Say something, write something, do something to make these changes happen. Don't complain if you're not going to do something about it.


Laura Curtis



Governor must stop the games

Our governor has failed us miserably, but refuses to take responsibility which demonstrates her severe lack of leadership skills. Her handling of the budget shortfall is concerning and her behaviors seem almost childlike. She is playing games with peoples' lives and doesn't seem to care very much. I am just glad we only have to endure her Bush-like tactics for another year. I hope the voters remember when the elections come up and vote for a party that supports the people.


James Lutte



Furloughs could reduce hours

I am a retired state worker with 22 years of service and I identify with current Hawaii state workers' plight of mandatory furloughs. I wonder if this means a change in definition of regular work from 40 to 37 hours? I (once) worked for Pell Paper Box in Elizabeth City, N.C., and one benefit we had there was free turkey for Thanksgiving but we had to punch out one hour or work 39 hours to get our “;free”; turkey. Also, will 37 hours mean you get overtime if you work over 37 hours?


Frankie Kam



Expand scope of naturopaths

Senate Bill 420, a bill that would expand the scope of practice for naturopathic doctors, was just one of the 65 bills the governor set aside to be vetoed — but it has the biggest impact on the health care in our islands and is of great importance right here on our own island of Hawaii.

This bill has been passed through the House twice, only to be stopped at the governor's desk both times. The naturopathic community and their supporters, such as myself, have worked hard to bring enlightenment to this subject. While we have been exceedingly successful with our representatives, apparently the governor herself is not fully aware of not only the extensive qualifications of these physicians, but of the desires and the needs of her constituents.

I don't have to tell you of the dire health-care crisis that we are in at present. We are losing what doctors we have. People are desperate for primary care physicians. There are approximately 100 naturopathic doctors in Hawaii today who are willing, ready and more than able to step up to help our islands' peoples.

There is a very limited window of opportunity to effect a change with SB420. Write or call the governor, and let her know we want her to sign this bill into law. Talk to your representatives, senators, Council members — ask them to get involved. It makes sense to allow naturopathic doctors to work fully within their scope, as the primary care physicians they are licensed to be. We can work together to help improve the quality of life throughout Hawaii.


Cathrine Wingate

Mountain View




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