Double charge for cars and bikes at airport ends


POSTED: Thursday, July 09, 2009

Question: AMPCO Parking Systems recently started to charge $50 a month for employee motorcycle parking at Honolulu Airport. I never had to pay for motorcycle parking before. I already pay for parking my car there so I have a pass. Although I'm OK with paying a little during these hard times, $50 is way too much for a bike. I also think it's not right to double charge us for car parking and motorcycle parking. I ride my motorcycle on sunny days, but drive a car on rainy days. Has the state authorized AMPCO to charge motorcycles? If I pay for a stall, who cares if I park a car or a bike? The state keeps saying it wants to reduce our fuel consumption, then turns around and makes it so we have to pay for motorcycles.

Answer: The state Department of Transportation instituted the new motorcycle parking system for employees, but you won't have to pay twice for your parking space any longer.

“;It was definitely a mistake on our end”; to charge a double fee, said transportation spokeswoman Tammy Mori.

She acknowledged officials hadn't taken into account the handful of employees who had a car but also sometimes rode motorcycles to work.

“;Because of the designated stalls, (motorcycles) no longer could park in the vehicle stalls,”; Mori said. “;It should have been worked out earlier, but it has been worked out now.”;

A “;couple”; had paid for both a monthly motorcycle pass and a monthly vehicle pass before the mistake was discovered, she said.

Asked if the employees who paid double would get a refund, Mori said she expected that something would be worked out.

Regarding never having to pay to park your motorcycle before, Mori said motorcycles have always been required to pay, “;since they too would occupy a vehicle stall.”;

But many motorcyclists, “;probably unknowingly of the requirements, would just bypass the parking arm,”; she said.

There was no way previously to enforce or monitor motorcycle parking, Mori said.

The new system and signs, instituted May 1, “;eliminate any confusion”; and allow those with the two-wheelers to pay a lesser rate than other vehicles.

The charge for motorcycle parking is $50 a month or $2 a day, while those with cars pay $10 a day or $125 to $175 a month, depending on the parking location, Mori said.

You will get a special decal for your motorcycle that allows you to park in a vehicle stall.

The motorcycle rates also will apply to the general public, Mori said.


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