'Bubble' facials come to Neiman Marcus


POSTED: Thursday, July 09, 2009

Neiman Marcus is one of the last places anyone would dream of pitching a tent, but that's exactly what Natura Bisse will do July 27, when the skin-care company starts presenting its newest Skin Recovery Cure facials.

You won't miss “;The Bubble,”; a white dome tent taking up prime real estate near the cosmetics department at the front of the store. The bubble allows the facials to take place in a cocoon-like environment with filtered air that is 99.9 percent pure. The pure environment is said to increase the efficacy of the products used during the facial.

At the center of the treatment will be Natura Bisse's newest product, The Cure Pure Serum, which will be introduced in Hawaii in advance of its national launch this fall. The facial incorporates the company's signature Glyco Extreme peel with Carboxitherapy anti-aging exfoliation with an oxygenating powder and dermatologist-grade solution that react, causing a fizzing sensation on the skin that helps to stimulate circulation.

The tent offers another worldly dimension to the facial that also allows for extreme relaxation, such that many who experienced it during trial runs last week, emerged a little wobbly in the knees.

A limited number of appointments are being taken for the facials, which will be offered through Aug. 1. There is a reservation fee of $350 to be used toward the purchase of Natura Bisse products specific to one's skincare needs. For reservations, call 948-7581.

“;The first time we tried the Bubble was at the Oscars this year,”; said Natura Bisse representative Michael Ann Guthrie. “;We've done the Oscars for four years, and we're always looking for something new. We're known for being very innovative.

“;It was a huge hit, and when you can impress celebrities with anything, that's something else!”;

The Spanish company Zonair3D had approached Natura Bisse about creating the tent, Burbuja02, for their facials. The tent — made with materials certified to meet European Community health standards — had already been used by athletes and those with respiratory allergies and asthma to improve the quality of the air they breathe.

The tent was intended to be a one-time Academy Awards presentation that allowed the Oscar nominees and their guests to enjoy Natura Bisse's facial in advance of their moment in the spotlight, but Guthrie said it was so well-received they wanted others to enjoy it, and proposed bringing it to Neiman Marcus.

“;We flew to Dallas and set it up for their corporate office, and they absolutely loved it. Right now it's exclusive to Neiman, and only for select stores like Ala Moana.”;

Guthrie said she's been able to use The Cure Pure Serum, priced at $250 for a one-ounce pump, for three months. In that time, her skin has improved to the point where acquaintances have noticed.

“;People who haven't seen me in a while have asked, 'What have you done with your skin?' “; she said. “;And the only thing I've added is this.

“;It helps the skin hold and trap moisture, resulting in plumper and younger-acting skin.”;

The serum's restorative properties also has made it ideal for plastic surgeons the company is working with for pre- and post-operative care, Guthrie said.