Beach Boys win third straight


POSTED: Monday, July 06, 2009

After going winless in official events throughout the club's 36-year history, the Waikiki Beach Boys have gone from occasional spoiler to serious contender this season.

Waikiki won a regatta-high 12 races and racked up 70 points to win first place overall, and topped the AA Division (13-24 crews entered) in the Na 'Ohana O Na Hui Wa'a organization's Koa Kai Canoe Club Regatta yesterday amidst light winds and calm water at Keehi Lagoon. The Beach Boys clinched their third consecutive regatta, and scored 63 of their points in the regatta's final 15 races.

Kaneohe finished with 58 points, good for second place overall and second in the AA Division. Manu O Ke Kai finished third overall with 54 points, and won the AAA Division (25-39 crews entered) ahead of Koa Kai (52 points) and Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (28 points).

The six-person outrigger canoe event featured more than 1,500 paddlers representing 18 canoe clubs in age divisions ranging from 12-and-under to 60-and-above. The paddlers traversed courses ranging from a quarter mile to 1.5 miles in Hui Wa'a's sixth regular-season regatta.

“;Nothing feels better than making a canoe go downwind the way it should,”; said Patrick Switzer, a member of Waikiki's victorious men's sophomore and senior races, and coach for the men's novice crews.

“;It's cool to see them come up, because most of the guys who just won the senior race were in the novice (ranks) two or three years ago and have less than five years of experience. The structure and training are paying off.”;

The Beach Boys men won the novice B, novice A, freshman, sophomore and senior events. Waikiki's female program continued its dominance as well, as the club claimed victories in the women's novice A, freshman, sophomore, senior and masters-40 races. The club also won the final two events of the day—the mixed masters-40 and mixed open-6 races—to solidify the victory.

Switzer came to the Beach Boys in 2006 to coach, and at the time, the women had been dominating Hui Wa'a for a couple of years as a result of their “;hard work, technique and conditioning,”; he said.

Switzer added that the men's program “;just had to start from scratch, so the last couple of years we've had a solid core group of guys for (newcomers) to model off of. Last year it all started to come together, and we started to win races. And now, I've even got the novice A's coming out for our one-man (canoe) practices, and are on the water five or six days a week. That's our goal, and last year we had a little taste of that. We've had enough guys train in seat-specific duties where in rough water we can make the boat go instead of just surviving.”;

Franco Arango, another member of the victorious Waikiki men's senior crew, credits the club's coaching and structure for its burgeoning success.

“;By far it all comes from the great coaching,”; he said. “;Good people want to be where good leaders are. And, when you have good coaching, it just trickles down. We all support each other, so that helps to spread the good energy through the club.”;

Kaneohe surged ahead to lead the regatta with 48 points through the day's first 25 races, but Waikiki—which does not have a youth program normally responsible for earning points early in the day—rattled off eight straight victories to put itself in title contention.

“;For the past few years that I've been watching them, they've got all the women going, and now the men are developing and coming out strong,”; said Kaneohe head coach Clint Anderson. “;When their boats show up, all you see is first, first, first and once in a while you'll see a second or third. But, they're part of our Hui Wa'a team and I know they're going to do well in the state championship regatta (on Aug. 1 at Hilo Bay).”;

North Shore and Kalihi-Kai finished tied in the A Division (6-12 crews entered) with 15 points apiece, while Ka Mamalahoe and Kumulokahi-Elks (13 points) tied for third place.

Hui Wa'a will hold its next regatta on Sunday at Waikiki Beach. The regatta does not count toward organizational standings or state championship qualifying points as clubs can use open steersmen to deal with the wave bumps and varying currents. Crews will race away from and into shore, adding the surfing element to club's strategies.

Absent from the event will be Kaneohe, as the club will instead spend the day in Kaneohe Bay at the sand bars in what has become an annual training session and club get-together. According to Anderson, the club usually forgoes the Waikiki race to keep its paddlers and canoes safe in the sometimes unpredictable ocean conditions.

Waikiki will definitely be there to compete in its home waters and familiar surf breaks.

“;We just have a blast, it's so hit-and-miss with the surf,”; Switzer said. “;We're lucky to have several good, experienced steersmen. Some are actual Beach Boys working on the beach who steer the surf canoes, so they'll be out there to help us all day. It's more of a fun day where we get to enjoy the surf.”;



Koa Kai Regatta

At Keehi Lagoon

AAA: 1. Manu O Ke Kai 54; 2. Koa Kai 52; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 28.

AA: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys 70; 2. Kaneohe 58; 3. Lokahi 29; 4. 'Alapa Hoe 20; 5. Kamehameha 17; 6. Waikiki Yacht Club 0.

A: 1. Kalihi-Kai 15; 2. North Shore 15; 3. Ka Mamalahoe 14; 4. Kumulokahi-Elks 14; 5. Pukana O Ke Kai 9; 6. Hawaiian Outrigger 6; Kai Poha 4; 8. I Mua 2; 9. Windward Kai 2.

Specials: 1. Kumulokahi-Elks (Jeremy Stevens, Barbi Hope, David Pagan, Kayala Uyeshiro, Paris Bothelo-Jamoraban, Dane Kaluhiwa) 2:11.15; 2. Kamehameha 2:32.06; 3. Kai Poha 2:39.57; 4. Kaneohe 3:14.37.

Girls 12: 1. Kaneohe (Kellie Louie, Kalena Kaniho, Mahealani Rowland, Breaun Telefoni, Shyleen Hussey, Cheyenne Espinda) 2:22.50; 2. Hawaiian Outrigger 2:24.67; 3. I Mua 2:31.00; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:31.82.

Boys 12: 1. 'Alapa Hoe (Randon Tuitama, Primo Mateo, Jeffrey Chun, TJ Bajarin, Robert Keane, Ryan Sanford) 2:16.83; 2. Kaneohe 2:21.62; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:23.62; 4. Kumulokahi-Elks 2:31.19.

Girls 13: 1. Kumulokahi-Elks (Kaylynn Palama, Maluhia Moses, Brandi Pascua, Kelli Sunabe, Kauanoe Ganal, Justyce Pascua) 2:24.96; 2. Kaneohe 2:29.04; 3. Koa Kai 2:30.18; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 2:45.34.

Boys 13: 1. Koa Kai (Landon Akau, Makana Aguilar, Jaron Yamane, David Grupen, Keanu Chee, Kaimana Nono-Kawaauhau) 2:11.27; 2. Kaneohe 2:11.84; 3. Kumulokahi-Elks 2:25.65; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:40.66.

Girls 14: 1. Kaneohe (Kahea Anderson,, Tawnie Skagga, Taylor Bertelmann-Ching, Leiana Keyes, Kiana Kamahoahoa Kawaiola Fernandez) 2:17.96; 2. Kamehameha 2:19.94; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:26.21; 4. Hawaiian Outrigger 2:32.80.

Boys 14: 1. Kaneohe (Swayze-Lee Kaaihue, Russ Kimokeo, Keoki Silva-Vares, David Russo, Austin Rosa, Jonah Ganzagan) 2:04.36; 2. Koa Kai 2:09.06; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:09.63; 4. Kamehameha 2:30.89.

Mixed boys and girls 12: 1. 'Alapa Hoe (Ryan Sanford, TJ Bajarin, Randon Tuitama, Brandee Anglin, Jessica Mateo, Britni Abrigo) 2:18.50; 2. Kaneohe 2:21.14; 3. Kalihi-Kai 2:38.62; 4. Kumulokahi-Elks 2:46.17.

Mixed novice B: 1. Ka Mamalahoe (Lei Ayat, Cammie Dooley, Caitlyn Milare, Rich Lozada, Michael Moriya, Thomas Dooley) 2:02.46; 2. Lokahi 2:03.85; 3. Pukana O Ke Kai 2:08.04; 4. Kalihi-Kai 2:11.61.

Women Novice B: 1 Manu O Ke Kai (Nina Agbayani, Chrisna MacMiller, Zoey Salva, Nella Cainglit, Alana Kamikawa, Sophia Orillo) 2:20.68; 2. Koa Kai 2:21.25; 3. Waikiki Beach Boys 2:21.63; 4. North Shore 2:22.21.

Women golden masters 55: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (Lyndy Gasior, Yolanda Racca, Donna Machado, Gloria Andersen, Susan Luehrs, Sundra Ornellas) 5:01.60; 2. Kai Poha 5:02.24; 3. Ka Mamalahoe 5:07.44; 4. North Shore 5:08.76.

Men golden masters 55: 1. Koa Kai (Dan Gagich, Kapena Kim, Benjamin Ancheta, Dickie Chow, Jeffery Tario, Bill King) 4:01.91; 2. Lokahi 4:09.69; 3. Ka Mamalahoe 4:11.33; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 4:34.73.

Women grand masters 60: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (Peggy Cutting, Kay Bauman, Darlene Heck, Marilyn Schoenke Basham, Dawn Peerson, Lee Higgins) 5:31.95; 2. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 5:52.19.

Men grand masters 60: 1. Lokahi (Marshall Giddens, Joe Mastrantonio, Larry Skagawa, Randy Fernandez, Wayne Babineau, Mort Watson) 4:22.03; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 4:24.43; 3. Windward Kai 4:54.33; 4. Kailihi-Kai 4:56.33.

Senior women masters 50: 1. North Shore (Folly Murdock, Barbara Fisher, Deidre M. Erickson, Kimberly Walsh, Jane Duncan, Donna Moore) 4:46.53; 2. Kaneohe 04:57.03; 3. Waikiki Yacht Club 5:07.58; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 05:20.56.

Mixed masters 55: 1. Koa Kai (Jeffery Tario, Benjamin Ancheta, Kehau Kaneshiro, Ron Ogino, Karen Nishimura, Linda Nishimura) 4:23.07;

2. Ka Mamalahoe 4:23.27 3. Manu O Ke Kai 4:28.61; 4. Kaneohe 4:37.86.

Senior men masters 50: 1.Lokahi (Rodney Ouchi, Daniel Ellis, Mark Inouye, Walter Oshiro, Michael Cushnie, Lance Ponce) 3:59.63; 2. Koa Kai 4:03.10; 3. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:07.23; 4. Kaneohe 4:15.30.

Mixed grand masters 60: 1. Koa Kai (Karen Nishimura, Lori Auhll, Mary Winchester, Billy Rees, Chuck Arthur, Dickie Chow) 4:37.66; 2. Lokahi 4:43.89; 3. Manu O Ke Kai 4:47.02; 4. Kai Poha 5:08.96

Senior mixed masters 45: 1. Koa Kai (Galen Chee, Ron Ogino, Colleen Seui, James Fabrigas, Audrey Lee, Danette Amoy) 4:14.60; 2. Kaneohe 4:21.35; 3. North Shore 4:22.31; 4. Kamehameha 4:23.43.

Men novice B: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Lucas Dolan, Benjamin Riedl, Andrew Gray, Darryl McCollum, Robert Wilson, Mitch Wojnowski) 3:57.72; 2. Kalihi-Kai 3:59.7; 3. Kamehameha 4:07.92; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:11.43.

Girls 15: 1. Pukana O Ke Kai (Court Ramon, Shas Maave-Sefo, Makana Kane, Tita Tuiloma, Desiree Jumawan, Shana Baclaan) 4:48.84; 2. 'Alapa Hoe 4:51.70; 3. Kamehameha 4:55.18; 4. Kalihi-Kai 5:03.90.

Boys 15: 1. Koa Kai (Luke Matschek, Leland Akau Jr., Royce Omoto, Kapena Chee, Roydon Yim, Ho'oulu Holt) 4:13.29; 2. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:17.18; 3. Kaneohe 4:35.82; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 4:45.38.

Girls 16: 1. Kumulokahi-Elks (Larina Benitez, Maluhia Moses, Brandi Pascua, Kaylynn Palama, Keana Paez, Miko Fujimoto-Poaha) 4:52.69; 2. Kaneohe 5:00.64; 3. Manu O Ke Kai 5:01.70; 4. Hawaiian Outrigger 5:13.58.

Boys 16: 1. Kaneohe (Kepa Souza, Micah Kanei, Noelan Kaaihue, Swayze-Lee Kaaihue, Kai Leong, Russ Kimokeo) 4:07.01; 2. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:08.90; 3. Koa Kai 4:17.21; 4. 'Alapa Hoe 4:29.74.

Girls 18: 1. Kamehameha (Haeli Barrett-Moore, Takara Sights, Kylie Faildo, Nicole Faildo, Maryna Feldberg, Ericka Saito) 4:47.18; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 4:57.54; 3. 'Alapa Hoe 4:58.47; 4. Koa Kai 4:59.98.

Women novice A: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Laura Birse, Annett Wichman, Ellen Argo, Kathryn Stanaway, Carrie Brugger, Leah

Lawyer) 4:21.25; 2. Kaneohe 4:51.03; 3. Kalihi-Kai 4:53.87; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 4:58.77.

Boys 18: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (Travis Deuz, Keli'i Kwon, Rocco Tramontano, Tommy Escorzon, Brennan Souza, Mason Mondina) 8:17.90;

2. Koa Kai 8:25.42; 3. Kaneohe 8:40.17; 4. 'Alapa Hoe 9:28.20.

Men novice A: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Elton Dubois, Joe Giovannini, Joe Maren, Shawn Pe'a, Nic Van Der Lee, Chris Neppl) 8:05.78; 2. 'Alapa Hoe 8:24.17; 3. Lokahi 8:29.09.

Women freshman: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Polar Bear Lichowski, Andrea Ignacio, Jen Polcer, Julie Aio, Sue Defelice, Sue Brown) 8:47.37; 2. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 9:36.72 3. Koa Kai 9:38.99 4. Manu O Ke Kai 9:59.29.

Men freshman: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (J Donovan, Victor Bovino-Agoseni, Jeremy Willson, Paul Jamison, Marcio Silva, Jan Tillmann) 7:46.43; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 7:47.62 3. Koa Kai 7:52.45 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 8:20.68.

Women sophomore: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Kimberly Ivey, Andrea Hall, Katy Grubbs, Susannah Johnson, Kelsa Teeters, Rachel Bruntsch) 8:44.35; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 9:42.07; 3. North Shore 9:56.66.

Men sophomore: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Sam Kahng, Christopher Veith, Patrick Switzer, Michael Winter, Ahla Pohlmann, Patrick Nguyen) 7:51.20; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 7:54.23; 3. Kamehameha 8:08.12; 4. Hawaiian Outrigger 8:30.15.

Women senior: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Sue Brown, Julie Aio, Andrea Messer, Kelsa Teeters, Rachel Bruntsch, Jen Polcer)13:02.65; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 14:29.21; 3. Lokahi 14:56.2; 4. Waikiki Yacht Club 15:12.33.

Men senior: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Franco Arango, Patrick Nguyen, Patrick Switzer, Dane Keohohou, Johnny Verive, Victor Bovino-Agoseni)11:35.79; 2. Manu O Ke Kai 11:41.47; 3. Kaneohe 12:14.90; 4. Lokahi 12:39.76.

Women masters 40: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Kehau Ching, Joan Bennet, Leah Miller, Paulette Rowe, Karen Nordine, Julia Compton) 9:21.23; 2. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 9:32.55; 3. North Shore 9:37.63; 4. Manu O Ke Kai 09:39.02.

Men masters 40: 1. Manu O Ke Kai (Charley Tantog, DJ Oga, Brian Amanead, Greg Pavao, Richard Moore, Moku Sanborn) 7:34.75; 2. Koa Kai 7:35.67; 3. Waikiki Beach Boys 8:01.00; 4. Kamehameha 8:18.26.

Women open four: 1. Kalihi-Kai (Violet Carrillo, Ama Keama, Bernie Suafoa-Tyrell, Jo-Jo White) 4:28.92; 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 5:05.40; 3. Pukana O Ke Kai 5:18.07; 4. Lokahi 5:23.87.

Men open four: 1. Kaneohe (Seth Ramolete, Micah Apo, Keoni Anderson, Philip Kaniho) 4:01.17; 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 4:15.97; 3. Waikiki Yacht Club 4:18.98; 4. Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:24.93.

Mixed masters 40: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Karen Nordine, Kehau Ching, Leah Miller, Steve Barta, Joel Ambouillit, Raymon Orange) 4:12.81; 2. Koa Kai 4:15.40; 3. North Shore 4:16.13; 4. Lokahi 4:21.90.

Mixed men and women: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys (Nicolette Rowe, Andrea Messer, Jason Ignacio, Franco Arango, Brian Balalio, Sandra Vajcs) 3:54.63; 2. Lokahi 3:55.62 3. Ka Mamalahoe 3:59.26; 4. Kaneohe 4:03.55.