Pulling in all the senses


POSTED: Sunday, June 28, 2009

Artist, writer and globe-trotter Tamara Moan loves to chronicle her travels. But take a look at her journals and you'll be surprised: Drawings, maps and watercolors fill the pages alongside writing. The diverse approach to journaling is Moan's way of documenting not just where she's been, but marking her experiences as well.





        » Place: Academy Art Center, 1111 Victoria St.

» Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. July 18.


» Fee: $85


» Call: Call 532-8741


» Note: Bring your own notebook with unlined pages, pens, pencil, scissors, glue and tape. Paint is optional.




Moan is sharing her approach in a one-day, five-hour workshop at the Academy Art Center, titled “;Recording Your Journey,”; which utilizes traditional and nontraditional means to compose a travel journal, whether that journey has been across the globe or across an emotional landscape.

“;We do a bunch of different exercises, half image-oriented, half writing-oriented, about memory and perception, paying attention to detail. ... We pull in all the senses,”; she says.

One method Moan has used is creating an experiential map, comprising verbal and visual notations of how one experienced a space.

“;It relates like a real map; it traces where you walked—where you sat at a corner or stopped by a tree, and the birds and bugs you saw there,”; says Moan. “;The point of the journal is to record for yourself rather than for posterity.”;

Moan says she believes her class is especially beneficial in this age of quickie electronic communication, a la text messaging and Twitter.

“;These days, people spend a lot less time thoughtfully putting something down on paper. It's short, in the moment, stream-of-thought-type communication. This class synthesizes (thoughts and experiences). It slows people down enough for them to record ... in a reflective and cohesive manner.”;