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POSTED: Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dumpers need lesson in aloha

Auwe, what was this construction company thinking when they decided to dump all their opala into our stream?

I grew up in Maili and feel this was intentional and not an excuse. We have a dump site; it's called Waiamanalo Gulch. This is sad that construction companies feel that they could just dump waste into our streams. They are killing off our fish, plants and our way of life. Shame, shame, shame.

Geraldine Smith


Rail system getting fast-tracked

Citizens of Honolulu should ask themselves what is Mayor Mufi Hannemann's rush to break ground for the rail transit system in 2009, even so much as to bypass the environmental impact statement and any federal funding for a 6-mile system from Kapolei to Waipahu that has absolutely no purpose. (Editor's note: A draft environmental impact statement is online at http://honolulutransit.org.)

Surely the Sierra Club, which brought the Superferry to a stop even with no environmental damage, will be filing a court challenge against rail since its environmental damage is a certainty.

To determine why the City Council and the mayor would spend $971 million in 2009 for a useless 6-mile system, one has to see what will happen in 2010.

Rail supporters stand to make large fortunes from their contracts regardless of what year it starts but it is of little use to a prospective Gov. Hannemann and a prospective Mayor Todd Apo if these contracts were delayed to 2011. Breaking ground in 2009 means that rail contracts will have been awarded, mostly to the highly-paid engineers and consultants, and also to the thousands of union construction workers who are currently sidelined.

To win any political race in 2010 you need money and volunteers. Make the rail contracts in 2009 and both will soon follow. Rail has never been about reducing traffic congestion or improving the quality of life for Leeward residents. It has always been about satisfying the big egos for politicians more interested in their political futures than the futures of their constituents.

Garry P. Smith

Ewa Beach

Was Jackson really that great?

Wednesday, the world thought Michael Jackson was, at best, a freak show; at worst, a child molester. Thursday, he dies. Friday, he's a practically a candidate for sainthood. To borrow an expression from the '80s when his music “;reigned,”; gag me with a spoon.

Kelly Shivery


Luau extravagance unnecessary

I thought we were in a recession. Apparently what the rest of America is feeling is not being felt at the White House. We have apparently paid so much extra in taxes that Barack Obama thought it would be a good time to have a luau, sponsored by us taxpayers. If someone can prove to me that it wasn't paid for by the taxpayers or wealthy donors who are receiving government contracts or considerations, I will be pleasantly surprised. Next plate, $1 trillion health care. What's for dessert?

Christopher Murphy





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