KGMB's off-camera voice retires after 47 years


POSTED: Saturday, June 27, 2009

The voice of KGMB TV has retired.

Anita Brady wasn't on TV, but she answered the phone and welcomed visitors at the front door of the TV station for 47 years.

At 83, she said she is ready for the next chapter in her life.

Nearly 70 people including current and former colleagues, friends, and family filled the KGMB studio yesterday to bid farewell to Brady, who has been the receptionist at the station since June 25, 1962.

“;She's right up there with Bob Sevey,”; said former KGMB reporter Elisa Yadao. “;It's hard to imagine KGMB without Anita Brady.”;

Many brought leis and gifts, but everyone brought memories.

“;You always pay so much attention to everyone that comes out of that door. You'd always ask me how my day was, and for that I thank you,”; KGMB news anchor Ramsay Wharton told her.

Rick Blangiardi, president and general manager of KGMB, hosted the celebration for Brady, who teared up when she saw her family arrive.

“;She's been here for 47 years. I think this was a really hard decision for her,”; said Marie Darcey, one of Brady's six children. Darcey was 3-months-old when her mother first started at KGMB and remembers hanging out in the studio as a child.

Even Brady didn't realize she's worked at the station for 47 years. “;It's unbelievable I've been here that long. The management has been good to me,”; said Brady.

Blangiardi addressed the crowd before lunch and said that he has discussed retirement with Brady for a long time.

“;Thirty-two years ago I walked through these doors, and what's incomprehensible is that she was here 15 years before that,”; said Blangiardi. “;It's been legendary what you've done and what you mean. There will never be anyone else like you,”; he told her.

Brady, overwhelmed by the attention, embraced Blangiardi after his speech. She then opened his gift in front of everyone, revealing a gold heart necklace with 47 diamonds on a pendant.

“;Unbelievable! Can you believe him?”; said Brady after she opened the gift. “;I've never owned diamonds before,”; she said with a grin.

The mother of six and grandmother of 12 hopes to spend more time with her grandchildren and go bowling more often, but said that she'll miss coming to work every morning.

“;I'm gonna miss KGMB,”; said Brady. “;I'm ready (to retire). I'm 83 years old. But I'm going to miss these people.”;