Brief asides


POSTED: Thursday, June 25, 2009


Where they going dig da imu?

Barack Obama hosting what's being billed as the first White House luau provides a needed boost to Hawaii's tourism marketing in the peak summer season. The president has transformed today's annual event for members of Congress and their families from a traditional picnic to an island-style bash, with food and entertainment from Hawaii. The gesture helps make up for the derisive comments the president made about corporate travel during the height of the federal bailout — remarks blamed for depressing business travel to the islands and other struggling destinations.


No Jerry Springer here

Hawaii's consummate one-party Legislature has its good feature. Never could it reach the level of embarrassment resulting this week from the 31-31 split of New York's Senate.

Republicans and Democrats refused to acknowledge each other, acting out two Senate presidents, two gavels and two sets of bills being voted on, described by one observer as “;turning into the worst reality TV show ever.”; That could never happen in the Aloha State.


Pixels win, leaving purists at a loss

Paul Simon and his Nikon are out of luck.

The advent of digital photography and its virtual takeover of the photo world has put the nail in the coffin for what was for many years the iconic king of film.

Kodachrome is dead. And will soon be leaving the building.

Alas, convenience wins here, as only one processor of the stuff was left. They've agreed to continue processing the film through 2010, so dig in those drawers and see if there's a long-lost roll buried in there. The end of an era is at hand.