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POSTED: Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fireworks cause noise, pollution

I commend the community spirit that is rising to the occasion of celebrating the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, but ask you to consider how you spend the product of all this good will.

Do we really need more fireworks to be patriotic? I love this country and these islands, and I like a little professional pyrotechnics as much as the next guy, but when balanced with the impact of launching a couple hundred rockets into the air — cost, noise, pollution — maybe we could do something better, something productive instead. Perhaps something for the community other than 500 pounds of sulfur in the air and spent shells in the bay? Do we need explosions to be happy?

Dan Weyant





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Governor's plan deserves praise

There's only one lone governor against 90 percent of the House and Senate who is doing her best to fight for the people who do not work for the government. If you have been following the furlough story, you can plainly see that government employees are crying the blues because they think they are more special than the average Joe and because of that, they should not give up one red cent of their livelihood to benefit the lowly others of this state. They feel that it is deserving to tax to death the people whom they supposedly work for, which is the rest of us. Do the words “;power hungry”; and “;selfish”; come to mind?

But does the average Joe realize that we have been hit with the worst legislative session ever when it come to more bills that have been passed that will profoundly oppress us with higher income, tobacco, hotel and fuel taxes?

Right now, we are powerless to stop the tax-and-spend monster. Wake up, people!

Cindy Clark


Refitted ferry should return

What an opportunity the state (governor and legislators) now has with the Superferry operators asking to be allowed to abandon the Alakai and Huakai.

The biggest problems with the Superferry were the ramp barges the Alakai needed to load and unload — which the Huakai does not need, having the ramp built into the vessel.

Offer the U.S. Maritime Administration $1 to get going. Let Huakai resume service to Maui, add Kawaihae, send the Alakai back to the builders to have the ramp added. A great model for state operation exists in both the Alaska and Washington State ferry systems. We can have one, too. Imua!

Jim Nash


Police chief panel flawed

It was interesting to read about the five panelists selected to help with the search for a new police chief (”;Five chosen to help search for Correa's HPD successor”; Star-Bulletin, June 18). The names read like a who's who of labor unions, real estate development and tourism. Where is the representation from law enforcement? Why not include the present or past chiefs who know first-hand what it takes to lead HPD? I would also like to see everyday hard-working citizens from the community, not just well-connected political insiders included on the panel.

S. D. Wilson