Motor vehicle services available online, by mail


POSTED: Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Question: In December, my wife was admitted to the hospital for surgery. During that time, her vehicle's safety inspection and registration became due. I registered the car but never got it inspected. When I went to look for the registration to get the inspection, I could not find it. I tried using the city's online services, but couldn't find instructions or fees on requesting a duplicate certificate. I was able to download the application form; however, that requires a visit to one of the satellite city halls. When I called the motor vehicles office, I got a series of automated messages that did not cover the information I was trying to get. I am handicapped and would like to avoid having to go to a satellite city hall. Can you help?

Answer: It's relatively easy to get a duplicate certificate without having to make a trip.

In fact, the majority of motor vehicle transactions may be handled by mail, said Denies Kamimura, administrator of the city Motor Vehicle & Licensing Division.

The “;Application For Duplicate Certificate of Registration”; form can be downloaded at www.honolulu.gov/csd/satellite/cslmvr5.pdf and mailed to the address indicated on the form.

It has to be signed by the recorded registered owner.

If the vehicle is registered solely in your wife's name, she is the only person authorized to sign the form, Kamimura said.

If it is registered jointly in both your names, only one of you needs to sign the form.

There is no charge for a duplicate certificate.

Kamimura also pointed out that the automated message for duplicate certificates does state at the end: “;If you have further questions, please press 1 and hold for the first available agent. ae If the line is busy or you are unable to hold, you may bypass this recording by dialing 532-4324.”;

Q: Could you please help me find the mailing addresses of U.S. Sens. Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka? There are some issues I know they can help me with that probably no one else can. Also, I was wondering what agency in government has oversight of immigration into the United States. I am concerned about the strains on the national, as well as state and local economies in terms of educational, health and other costs.

A: Letters to Inouye should be sent to 722 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510-1102; to Akaka, 141 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510-1103.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is the agency that oversees “;lawful immigration.”;

From its Web site, www.uscis.gov: “;We establish immigration services, policies and priorities to preserve America's legacy as a nation of immigrants while ensuring that no one is admitted who is a threat to public safety.

“;To accomplish this, we 'adjudicate' (decide upon) the petitions and applications of potential immigrants.”;


To the drivers who did not allow a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk to cross Kapiolani Boulevard just before 5 p.m. Monday, June 1. A city bus (358) stopped for the pedestrian, but I saw at least 30 vehicles fail to stop. The law prohibits passing a vehicle stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the street. The driver license renewal should include a required written exam so that these people know what the laws are.—No Name

Write to “;Kokua Line”; at Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 7 Waterfront Plaza, Suite 210, 500 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu 96813; call 529-4773; fax 529-4750; or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).