Kailua upsets Lanikai in OHCRA


POSTED: Monday, June 15, 2009

Might the balance of power be shifting from one Windward-side outrigger canoe paddling power to another?

The Kailua Canoe Club turned in its best performance in years, defeating reigning state champion and three-time defending league titleholder Lanikai 98-83 to claim the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association's annual King Kamehameha Regatta yesterday in its home waters fronting Kailua Beach Park.

Kailua captured the AAA Division (27-39 crews entered) ahead of neighboring Lanikai while Outrigger (64 points) and Hui Nalu (44 points) rounded out the large-club division. The victory is Kailua's first since at least 2006 (official records on the organization's Web site go back as far as 2007), and it carried extra weight, as Lanikai — the winner of every OHCRA regatta in at least the past two years — was denied the champion's hardware.

“;It feels wonderful,”; said Kailua's second-year coach Kathy Erwin just moments after joining her club in a victorious team cheer. “;Lanikai is a great club, and we feel really great that we were able to take our own race today. We gear up for this race, it's very important.

“;These are our training waters, this beach is our playground and sanctuary. It means everything to us to win this one.”;

The Kailua win comes on the heels of its narrow second-place finish in the organization's season-opening regatta on June 7. Lanikai claimed an 82-77 victory over Kailua at Ke'ehi Lagoon after the clubs were tied entering the day's final race — an event that Lanikai won to clinch the victory.

“;When we were close to Lanikai last week, we told the club that every single person's contribution matters, and every point counts,”; Erwin said. “;Everybody stepped it up a little bit, and we had some streaks of good luck here and there.”;

Lanikai jumped out to a 58-47 lead over Kailua through the first 24 races after winning seven of the day's first 13 events. But Kailua rallied back into the lead with five races to go, and did not relinquish it despite Lanikai's winning a regatta-high 11 races for the day. Kailua supplemented its six victories with 16 second-place finishes to cap its consistent effort.

More than 2,500 paddlers competed in age divisions ranging from 12-and-under to 60-and-above. They represented 18 member clubs in the regatta, which featured 39 races spanning in length from a quarter mile to 1.5 miles. Points were awarded to the top four finishers in each race, with five points going to the winner, three to runners-up, two for third-place contestants and one point apiece for fourth-place finishers.

“;We've got to be more consistent. We might have won the most races, but as you saw, that doesn't necessarily mean you win the regatta,”; said Lanikai head coach Jimmy Bruhn. “;Kailua is strong, and this is their regatta, so good for them.”;

Bruhn is in his first year at Lanikai's helm after spending more than 30 years paddling and coaching with Kailua. He made the move down the coast to be closer to his family — Bruhn's sons and multiple grandchildren paddle for the club.

“;That's our brother-sister club, so I feel happy for them, but I still wish we won,”; Bruhn said. “;If we had to lose, I can't see us losing to a better club.”;

Lanikai briefly reclaimed its final lead of the day after winning the mile-long men's masters-40 race in 7 minutes, 44.9 seconds. The crew's steersman, Jim Foti, was well aware of Kailua — which finished third in the race (7 minutes, 53.53 seconds) — and its proximity in the standings.

“;We were a point down going into the race, so it's very important to get ourselves a notch or two ahead,”; said Foti, whose crew also included Mark Miller, Peter Abcarian, Daniel Kauai, Michael Hall and Thomas Cavaco. “;You try to ride the funny sideways (wave) bumps down, and then we were able to drop our noses and grind home.”;

Hui Lanakila finished fourth overall in the regatta standings en route to dominating the AA Division (14-26 crews entered) with 59 points. The club won eight races to easily fend off medium-club contenders Keahiakahoe (23 points) and Healani (19 points).

Waimanalo (7 points) edged Waikiki Surf Club (5 points) to claim the A Division (1-13 crews entered) for small clubs. Waimanalo's lone win came in the boys 13 race, and proved the difference in the small-club division.

On Sunday, OHCRA will hold its annual Leeward Kai Father's Day Regatta at Nanakuli Beach Park.

The Na 'Ohana O Na Hui Wa'a organization had a bye yesterday, and returns to action Sunday at Ke'ehi Lagoon for the Kalihi Kai regatta. The Kaneohe Canoe Club has won all three Hui Wa'a regattas thus far.


King Kamehameha Regatta

At Kailua Beach

Team standings

AAA: 1. Kailua 98; 2. Lanikai 83; 3. Outrigger 64; 4. Hui Nalu 44.

Girls 12: 1. Hui Lanakila (Mahealani Mendiola, Kalena Moore, Wahinealii Robinson, Stella Martinez, Kalae Kahuanui, Kona Keanini-White) 2:48.75; 2. Lanikai 2:52.28; 3. Leeward Kai 2:55.93; 4. Outrigger 2:59.26.

Boys 12: 1. Lanikai (Brandon Markowski, Jeremy Brouard, Christopher Quinn, Alakai Freitas, Hunter Wasson, Anthony Isham Jr.) 2:20.58; 2. Kailua 2:36.11; 3. Keola O Ke Kai 2:44.14; 4. Outrigger 2:48.94.

Mixed boys and girls 12: 1. Hui Nalu (Alex Look, Kelsi Cottrell, Noa Mizuno, Jacob Davidson, Suzanna Bradley, Ariyana Parker) 2:28.66; 2. Healani 2:30.74; 3. Pu'uloa Ourigger 2:38.73; 4. Makaha 2:39.73.

Girls 13: 1. Lanikai (Sawyer Henshaw, Gigi Abcarian, Liana Meyer, Heather Foti, Tori Rooks, Emily Hamocon) 2:17.93; 2. Healani 2:26.27; 3. Hui Nalu 2:27.70; 4. Kailua 2:34.50.

Boys 13: 1. Waimanalo (Lanakila Reis-Moniz, Travis Mundon, Ka'au Bradley, Po'okela Stephens, Sinjin Bradley, Dakota Lee) 2:14.92; 2. Hui Nalu 2:18.59; 3. Kailua 2:21.70; 4. Hui Lanakila 2:23.63.

Girls 14: 1. Alexandra Whiting, Lauren Ashford, Madison Pelayo, Nicole Johnson, Kahala Schneider, Lea Dimarchi) 2:24.15; 2. Lanikai 2:25.38; 3. Healani 2:25.75; 4. Pu'uloa Outrigger 2:31.51.

Boys 14: 1. Lanikai (Aaron Madden, Stavros Bessonoff, Cole Caster, Walker Smith, Zachary Vollert, Ryley Ellis) 2:03.49; 2. Kailua 2:05.71; 3. Healani 2:14.93; 4. Hui Nalu 2:20.55.

Women novice B: 1. Lanikai (Trudy Peck, Terry Zalko, Karen Arthur, Courtney Gates, Jessica Trainor, Polly Slade) 2:23.43; 2. Kailua 2:28.77; 3. Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club 2:30.31; 4. Healani 2:31.19.

Mixed novice B: 1. Hui Lanakila (Eric Nicol, Jorge Peapealalo, Scott Harvey, Arielle Kline, Eko Lapp, Rachel Martin) 2:02.26; 2. Kailua 2:14.72; 3. Healani 2:14.94; 4. Keola O Ke Kai 2:16.39.

Men novice B: 1. Lanikai (Keith Cutler, Scott Anderson, Thomas Kelleher, Koa Asam, James Ruvio, Tomothy Conrad) 4:03.29; 2. Kailua 4:05.03; 3. Healani 4:13.09; 4. Hui Nalu 4:21.06.

Girls 15: 1. Hui Lanakila (Keo Cullen, Cortney Napoleon, Kalei Naauao, Makamae Ah Mook Sang, Ui Perry, Kamalolo Koanui-Kong) 4:55.10; 2. Outrigger 5:00.63; 3. Kailua 5:02.16; 4. Healani 5:03.36.

Boys 15: 1. Lanikai (Matthew Mench, Nick Abcarian, Andrew Miscovich, Keoni DePonte, Derek Ruebenstahl, Linclon Liesemeyer) 4:03.42; 2. Kailua 4:05.87; 3. Keahiakahoe 4:26.86; 4. Outrigger 4:32.29.

Girls 16 and under: 1. Lanikai (Angelina Piro, Celine Haole, Veronica Pizzarella, Taylor Freeman, Keana Kaupiko, Phoebe Jordan) 4:59.77; 2. Hui Nalu 5:01.22; 3. Kailua 5:05.91; 4. Keola O Ke Kai 5:13.35.

Boys 16 and under: 1. Leeward Kai (Kekoa Kau, Kalani Kaaa, Dylan Kuewa, Kainoa Philpotts, Dayne Van Gieson, Daniel Rzonca) 4:02.38; 2. Lanikai 4:05.70; 3. Hui Nalu 4:11.73; 4. Kailua 4:15.66.

Girls 18 and under: 1. Waikiki Surf Club (Ku'ulei Smith, Samantha Leong, Anna Koethe, Hannah Ross, Elizabeth Leong, Makaloa Yim) 4:41.14; 2. Keahiakahoe 4:42.53; 2. Hui Lanakila 4:43.10; 4. Kailua 4:43.85.

Boys 18 and under: 1. Kailua (Ka'onohi Malama-Custer, Patrick Tepea, Taylor Ho, Lawrence Soto, Wade Applebaum, Alika Guillaume) 7:47.01; 2. Hui Nalu 7:53.58; 3. Keahiakahoe 8:14.90; 4. Lanikai 8:18.73.

Women novice A: 1. Hui Lanakila (Hanna Levitz, Betta Yeung, Jennifer Cheung, Kalae Araujo, Alika Horner, Lianne Aukai) 4:27.97; 2. Outrigger 4:40.45; 3. Keahiakahoe 4:44.05; 4. Hui Nalu 4:45.19.

Men novice A: 1. Lanikai (Frank Lemes, Scott Coffman, Chris Wittig, Robert Edge, Nick Youngleson, Jesse Hampton) 7:40.88; 2. Kailua 7:57.03; 3. Anuenue 8:01.19; 4. Hui Lanakila 8:09.44.

Women freshmen: 1. Hui Lanakila (Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, Madi Minkel, Lori Nakamura, Sarajane Larkin, Jaime Kuamoo, Claire Townsend) 8:38.84; 2. Kailua 8:47.52; 3. Outrigger 8:59.08; 4. Lanikai 9:00.41.

Men freshmen: 1. Outrigger (Billy Lawson, Noah Gibson, Craig Gamble, Simeon Ke-Paloma, Kulani Jones, Scott Gamble) 7:29.65; 2. Kailua 7:34.15; 3. Hui Lanakila 7:42.43; 4. Lanikai 7:53.55.

Sophomore women: 1. Outrigger (Mary Smolenski, Karin Del Rey, Monica Salter, Traci Phillips, Donna Kahakui, Kisi Haine) 8:32.43; 2. Hui Lanakila 8:34.24; 3. Kailua 8:35.33; 4. Lanikai 8:58.18.

Sophomore men: 1. Hui Lanakila (Makena Fernandez, Chris Tseu, Hayden Ramler, Mike Hangai, Ian Forester, Sean Kaawa) 7:23.03; 2. Kailua 7:27.08; 3. Lanikai 7:32.75; 4. Leeward Kai 7:45.83.

Women junior: 1. Hui Lanakila (Ilima Kim, Dara Hubin, Kristi Lowry, Leahi Frias, Ally Sokei, Kaleponi Spencer) 9:13.21; 2. Keahiakahoe 9:26.43; 3. Lanikai 9:37.99; 4. Kailua 9:56.25.

Men junior: 1. Leeward Kai (Alfred Van Gieson, Keola Wright, Greydon Viloria, Travis Mana Kamakele, Norm Bradley, Mel Puu) 7:40.67; 2. Healani 7:47.17; 3. Outrigger 7:47.75; 4. Hui Lanakila 7:54.33.

Women senior: 1. Hui Lanakila (Deborah Rosenblum, Claire Townsend, Madi Minkel, Sarah Vadevanter, Jaimie Kinard, Lori Nakamura) 13:18.73; 2. Outrigger 13:26.49; 3. Kailua 13:42.35; 4. Lanikai 13:48.12.

Men senior: 1. Outrigger (Craig Gamble, Simeon Ke-Paloma, Jimmy Austin, Michael Kane, Billy Lawson, Kristin Brown) 11:24.54; 2. Hui Lanakila 11:28.28; 3. Kailua 11:31.10; 4. Hui Nalu 12:07.84.

Women masters 60: 1. 1. Kailua (Heather Botelho, Adrienne Wilson-Yamasaki, Haunani Olds, Yvonne Keahi, Billie Kekuewa, Mary Martin) 5:18.34; 2. Hui Nalu 5:30.37; 3. Outrigger 5:39.37; 4. Lanikai 5:50.51.

Men masters 60: 1. Outrigger (Tay Perry, Barton Watson, William Johnson, Allan Maddalena, Ronald Hochuli, Glenn Perry) 4:20.84; 2. Kailua 4:27.04; 3. Keahiakahoe 4:29.80; 4. Lanikai 4:46.54.

Women golden masters 55: 1. Hui Nalu (Lita Blakenfeld, Mary Fern, Dianne Harrison, Lurline McGregor, Katie Scott, Dayna Owskey) 4:59.52; 2. Lanikai 5:01.46; 3. Kailua 5:17.38; 4. Outrigger 5:40.05.

Men golden masters 55: 1. Outrigger (Kenny Bailey, Murray Hixson, Mark Buck, Chris Crabb, Thomas Arnott, Jimmy Kincaid) 4:02.95; 2. Kailua 4:11.12; 3. Waimanalo 4:12.65; 4. Hui Nalu 5:17.23.

Senior women masters 50: 1. Kailua (Donna Meyer, Ann Farrell, Kathy Erwin, Amy Crews, Lois Wise, Carleen Ornellas) 4:36.63; 2. Lanikai 4:39.03; 3. Hui Nalu 5:17.23; 4. New Hope 5:34.35.

Senior men masters 50: 1. Kailua (Paul Hewlwtt, Nyle Warinner, Kamoa Kalama, Walter Hamasaki, Stephen Holbrook, Benny Quitevis) 3:57.92; 2. Outrigger 4:05.14; 3. Lanikai 4:07.16; 4. Hui Nalu 4:12.62.

Women masters 40: 1. Hui Nalu (Lorey Bode, Hetaher Cottrell, Denise Darval-Chang, Terry Malterre, Erin Noordhoff, Pono Tuinei) 9:09.37; 2. Kailua 9:17.39; 3. Outrigger 9:42.00; 4. Lanikai 9:45.14.

Men masters 40: 1. Lanikai (Mark Miller, Peter Abcarian, Daniel Kauai, Michael Hall, Jim Foti, Thomas Cavaco) 7:44.95; 2. Outrigger 7:50.23; 3. Kailua 7:53.53; 4. Hui Nalu 8:14.28.

Women open four: 1. Outrigger (Lisa Livingston, Jean Cullinan, Kawena Otineru, Kristin Lee) 5:20.70; 2. Kailua 5:28.32; 3. Hui Nalu 5:35.26; 4. Leeward Kai 5:41.90.

Men open four: 1. Kailua (Spencer York, Bradley Wong, Magic Martin, Christian Fern) 4:03.57; 2. Hui Lanakila 4:16.55; 3. Keahiakahoe 4:18.75; 4. Lanikai 4:23.51.

Mixed masters 55: 1. Keahiakahoe (Joseph Ahyuen, Mel Deutsch, Keoki Kupihea, Marain Crocco, Leohone Magno, Boy Gerona) 4:45.82; 2. Kailua 4:48.15; 3. Outrigger 4:48.41; 4. Lanikai 5:04.47.

Mixed masters 40: 1. Lanikai (Leslie Kahihikolo, Scott Freitas, Michi Wong, John Foti, Robin Aipa-Nagami, Herb Nahinu) 4:23.00; 2. Kailua 4:26.51; 3. Hui Nalu 4:37.42; 4. Anuenue 4:37.84.

Mixed men and women: 1. Kailua (Angie Britten, Rob Cates, Michelle Aitro, Pat Erwin, Mele Coelho, Eli Hedani) 4:18.38; 2. Hui Lanakila 4:22.01; 3. Keahiakahoe 4:25.11; 4. Lanikai 4:33.28.