Brief asides


POSTED: Friday, June 12, 2009


Who doesn't love a good mystery (meat)?

Hormel has launched an advertising campaign to sell people on the virtues of Spam, that gelatinous pink marvel of mystery meat. For folks here, who have made Hawaii the top state consumer of Spam per capita, the company is definitely preaching to the choir.

As the recession lingers, Hormel's “;Break the Monotony”; campaign aims to help budget-conscious customers come up with ideas for new meals each night, using the company's canned products, of course.

These include Hormel's chili and Dinty Moore beef stew — but really now, they're a distant second and third to Hawaii's beloved Spam.



Holiday? What holiday?

To all who work during holidays, we salute you.

The news biz is one of those “;no rest for the weary”; occupations, as are public safety jobs like police officer and firefighter. During yesterday's Kamehameha Day, postal workers and bank employees made that list since it was a state and city — but not federal — holiday.

It's not always easy toiling a normal eight-hour shift when it seems that everyone else is out playing, spending quality time with family and friends and having a sunny time (literally and figuratively).

But the bright side (figuratively): Less traffic on the commute in to work and free parking on the street. And, of course, just having a job.