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POSTED: Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Stands by Ridge, Powell favored

In regard to the Republican Party, as a member for 40-plus years, I agree with the comments of Colin Powell and Gov. Tom Ridge. To become the majority party, they say that we have to be inclusive. President Reagan talked about the GOP as “;a big tent.”; Reagan was Mr. Conservative of the GOP but never saw his opponents, i.e., the Democrats, as evil. If needed, he was willing to work with Democrats in Congress on issues like tax reform.

Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and other rigid conservatives expect Republicans to accept their list of issues. Even one contrary opinion makes you not a Republican.

Republicans should say “;no”; to these Republicans and fight to keep our party inclusive.

Theodore Taba


Peacock killing rouses reaction

Surely, if the state agencies and the Hawaiian Humane Society and even a federal agency worked together, something could be done to save the peacocks from the cruelty and viciousness that is occurring now.  Did I read that some of them have been stabbed to death?  And now this one, killed in such a cruel manner, beaten to death with a baseball bat and then kicked down the stone steps when it opened its mouth.

Relocating these gorgeous birds must be done. Apparently, we have encroached into their territory to an extent that it isn't working out well. If it has been difficult to find places for them to live, such as at Waimea, then look some more. Another island, perhaps. And then cull out some of the nests, to keep the population down.

The woman who beat the peacock to death is guilty.  She proudly announced it on TV when she had done it.  Perhaps spending some time in jail would be of help to her. As far as I know, there aren't any peacocks in jail.

Barbara Coons


Special Olympics touched many

The Special Olympics Summer Games were held this weekend at various venues on Oahu.

I am the parent of an athlete and a swim coach. I wanted to say an enormous “;thank you”; to all of the volunteers, officials and behind-the-scenes folk who made the weekend so meaningful. Our swimmers had an opportunity to compete with others from across the state, and all of the people helping cheered, encouraged and made the day.

Events proceeded smoothly, and everyone gave their applause and cheers for every last athlete to complete each race. Aloha is truly alive and well.

Denise Webb


Superferry finale saddens reader

It's sad that the Superferry filed for bankruptcy. It was an interisland service needed by the senior citizens, the handicapped and especially the military or in readiness for tsunami/earthquake emergencies needing ferry service.

I hope the Superferry somehow can be saved and returned to Hawaii!

Franklin Kam


Sales tax should replace excise tax

The easiest and fairest way to raise taxes is to get rid of the general excise tax and have a sales tax on everyone that buys retail.

Even if the tax is 5 percent you will get more into the coffers than you do now ... because many of the people who are supposed to pay GET don't file their returns!

Laura Warren


Ala Wai water raises concerns

Please Mr. Mayor, have the Ala Wai Canal water tested for dangerous bacteria before exposing any construction workers to its contents. You had little choice when Waikiki's sewage was dumped into it fairly recently; it took guts to do what had to be done, when you did it. Fortunately, there is no sewer urgency requiring immediate action today.

If you are going to bury an enormous sewer line in the leftover muck that still resides in the canal, please test the canal water for current bacterial content, etc., before stirring it up and risking the health of the workers, nearby residents — and of course, our very hard-to-come-by, hopefully returning, but sensitive-to-such-visible problems, visitors and tourists. Carelessness could close down Waikiki Beach for a long time.

I suggest that you report your water test findings to the press before anyone is exposed to the canal water. Then explain what you are going to do to remedy the problem, and do it. Try being a hero if you really want to be our governor one day.


Jack Telaneus





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