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POSTED: Monday, June 01, 2009

Panel did right to let Correa go

On behalf of the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO), I would like to thank the members of the Honolulu Police Commission for displaying the utmost degree of courage, fortitude and fairness in their recent decision not to renew Chief Boisse Correa's contract. SHOPO deeply appreciates the tremendous responsibility and pressure involved in making such a difficult decision.

SHOPO's opposition was not personal, but done in furtherance of our fiduciary responsibility to our membership and their families; hence, our survey to poll the membership about their feelings and opinions of Chief Correa.

SHOPO acknowledges the commission's decision was neither political nor personal, but was made solely in accordance with its sworn duties to uphold the honor, integrity and independence of the commission. We are appreciative that the commission continues to serve and act not only in the best interest of our police officers, but also in the best interest of the community.

We are confident the police commissioners will display that same degree of professionalism, enthusiasm and fairness in its selection of the new chief of police.

Tenari R. Maafala

SHOPO president




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New UH women's coach is a good choice

Regarding the choice of the UH women's basketball coach (”;Takahara-Dias is exactly what the Wahine need,”; Star-Bulletin, May 29), home-grown fealty can become a powerful motivator.

I think of Syracuse University's Division I programs while stating this. Jim Boeheim, the men's basketball coach, played for the Orange with Dave Bing and has created a formidable dynasty. Next in line is a present assistant coach who also played basketball for SU. The once-great football dynasty is now being resuscitated by a new head coach, who was a former SU player.

There are some intangibles money can't buy: Love for a program from having lived it—and that is what the UH women's basketball team now has.

As the “;Field of Dreams”; adage goes: “;If you build it, they will come.”; I'll wager that UH fans will discover that their women's basketball team has heart and potential, and the fans' hearts will reach out.

J. Arthur Rath III


Hawaii and its people made vacation great

Along with my teenage daughter, I have recently had the pleasure of enjoying a short holiday (vacation) on your lovely island. We spent four days there following a South Pacific cruise from Australia.

We were both so impressed with not only the lovely environment, but also the friendly and welcoming local people. We spent most of our time around Waikiki where we were staying and also traveled throughout the island.

We would like to thank the residents through this column for making our short stay so fabulous. Everywhere we visited, every store we shopped in and any activity we participated in was great, thanks to residents' great attitude to us as visitors.

Thank you—we can't wait to return for a longer visit.

Carolyn and Madeleine Wilde

Sydney, Australia

Sotomayor nomination finds heartfelt support

I am in full support of Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I believe she is a role model of discipline, intellect, commitment and integrity with her wealth of experiences in both the practice of law, and as an able jurist. It is my view that she is the best candidate to fill this most auspicious duty and that she will uphold the laws and this great land and our Constitution with honesty, without bias in its application and, with vigor and perseverance.

For these simple reasons, I will stand and support her nomination.

Laura Manuel-Arrighi