What was your biggest accomplishment this year, and whom would you like to thank?


POSTED: Monday, May 25, 2009

; Bridget Walker
“;My biggest accomplishment was balancing sports, academics and my friends. I'd like to thank my volleyball coach for helping me to achieve a successful mindset for sports and life.”;



; Russell Aguilar
“;I was proudest of my academic achievements, but I've learned to devote myself to physical training. Everyone here has been a real support, particularly the dormitory parents.”;



; Kaleikaumaka Konrad
“;My biggest accomplishment was with my team when we won the BIIF championship and ended up second in state. ... My teachers, coaches and parents have encouraged me every step of the way. I'm lucky to have them all.”;



; Breeani Kobayashi
“;Being named one of the two representatives to the (U.S. Senate Youth Program) from the state of Hawaii. My mother gave me the opportunity to follow her to HPA and was there every step of the way for me.”;



; Delaney Ross
“;Oddly enough, even though I got a lot of notice in singing, I'm proudest of learning how to write. I'd like to thank my English teacher for that and Mr. Emmons for being such a support.”;