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POSTED: Monday, May 25, 2009


Look for those opportunities

Congratulations to Hawaii's graduates, from university students down to preschoolers. Celebrate your achievements.

For those entering the job market, these are indeed daunting times. But keep your chin up; confidence and perseverance are essential.

In Hawaii, the percentage of unemployed workers actually declined last month for the first time since December 2007, the Star-Bulletin reported last week. Locally, health care and government are the sectors offering the most opportunities.

For those job seekers willing and able to relocate, new national unemployment numbers offer some hints. North Dakota again registered the nation's lowest unemployment rate, at 4 percent, the Associated Press reported. It was followed by Nebraska's 4.4 percent jobless rate, Wyoming's 4.5 percent and South Dakota's 4.8 percent.



The king speaks — from the 19th century

Can you hear me now?

In a project with specialists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Bishop Museum will try to resurrect the voice of King David Kalakaua, which has not been heard for 118 years. The king made the recording from his deathbed in 1891, four days before he died in San Francisco.

Using new techniques, the lab specialists will try to restore the audio made on a wax cylinder phonograph, which used the earliest audio technology invented by Thomas Edison in the 1870s. Hawaiian Airlines is helping to fund the effort.

Translated, the king says in Hawaiian: “;We greet each other — we greet each other. We will very likely hereafter go to Hawaii, to Honolulu. There you will tell my people what you have heard me say here.”;

From across the centuries. Beyond the grave. Chicken skin.