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POSTED: Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marine's kin says save Natatorium

Whenever I spend time with my grandfather as I recently have, I get energized that we need to remind people, and especially our youth, of what he and others of his generation have done for our country.

He fought in three wars, was a sergeant major in the Marine Corps stationed at Kaneohe, and has the strength, positive attitude and honor which are traits that built our country.

Places like the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial serve as a way to hold onto history by honoring our commitments to remember those who served and those who have fallen. We dishonor those like him and forget their sacrifices if we can't keep some history for people to see and share. The Natatorium is one such venue to preserve history.

Brian Thomas

Makawao, Maui

Bounty hunters lament loss of police Chief Correa

We were very disappointed to learn that Honolulu Police Chief Boise Correa's contract will not be renewed for a second term.

We do not know Chief Correa personally, but we do know the impact of his leadership from our line of work. We have witnessed first-hand a marked decrease in crime since he became our chief — a decrease that was confirmed by official reports recently. The increased police presence in some of the more crime-ridden parts of town and his internal cleanup have made a huge difference, and he should be able to continue his excellent work.

Chief Correa is extremely qualified and has proven his leadership and compassion. Crime decreased and HPD was named the best police department among all of the large cities in the nation. He is a good man and should be judged by his performance, and nothing else.

It is with great regret that we will watch him step down. We wish him the best, and hope the person who succeeds him will continue his excellent work.

Duane “;Dog”; and Beth Chapman


Hawaii citizens get drained as officials keep squeezing

We are in the midst of a severe economic recession. People are losing jobs left and right; tourism is down and continues to be hit hard; foreclosures are rising; the state's taxes (your money) is in free fall; and our citizens are otherwise finding it difficult economically to get by on a day-to-day basis.

So, in response, here's what your elected officials (supposedly acting in your best interests) have recently done: Raised income taxes (for the most economically productive), raised property taxes (being considered), raised the gas tax (let tax exemption expire), raised taxes on tourists (hotel room tax), refused to abolish a cell-phone tax (no longer needed), to name only a few.

Bravo! Fine job.

Wake up citizens! You are being softly tyrannized by your government. When will you act to stop the madness? Your elected officials will not or cannot.

David Vann de Cordova Jr.





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