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POSTED: Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rail will cost us less in long run

Stories about the rising price of gasoline are among the prime reasons we need rail transit.

Let's face it, while gas prices have been remarkably low for the past year, does anyone really expect them to stay below $3 a gallon? I sure don't.

I think that we need more alternatives that let us travel without a car, like more bike paths for short trips and rail transit for long trips. They will save us all money in the long run.

Rachel Gibson


Tailor teaching ways to students' diversity

“;The United States is slipping in generating the skilled, educated workers needed to meet the demands for a highly trained, technical workforce in today's knowledge-based economy.”; That is the conclusion of a report entitled, “;Taking the Pulse of Bioscience Education in America,”; which has assessed bioscience and broader science education in middle schools and high schools.

Hawaii would have a chance to succeed economically on its own if our children were receiving superior science education. However, the report places Hawaii in the third of four tiers (the fourth being the lowest) in its state-by-state assessment.

The fundamental problem with the state Department of Education is that it mindlessly clings to a one-size-fits-all formula that suits only a small proportion of students. Standardization is valued over student learning.

Educators with innovative ideas must be encouraged to work with interested parents and other community members to develop different types of schools that meet the needs of a diversity of students. In this way, meaningful educational alternatives can be made available to all students.

All of Hawaii's children should be given a chance to succeed.

John Kawamoto


It's the slow drivers clogging the roads

Not knowing the rules of the road is bad enough, but even worse is not complying with rules.

A major cause of our traffic moving so slowly here is drivers who drive slowly in any lane they wish rather than in the far right lane.

Rather than enforcing this rule, we stupidly build multimillion-dollar roads and the upcoming light rail system. These slow drivers genuinely don't know that they're backing traffic up behind them.

Some slow drivers might respond that they're driving at the speed limit, so they're entitled to drive in any lane they wish. Not so. They should drive in the far right lane in such a circumstance.

If existing rules don't require this, let's pass a new rule and give it a lot of publicity. Guaranteed, our traffic will move much faster without spending many millions of bucks plus cost overruns.

Alan Matsuda

Hawaii Kai

There should be a test for Congress

A while back a member of Congress was explaining congressional behavior on a TV program and for a laugh stated you didn't need to take an IQ test to get into Congress. From the expression on his face after that crack, he appeared to regret what he said.

To be honest, I believe to become a Congress member, there should be some kind of test. I had to take a full psych and polygraph for a security clearance and it would be a good idea if Congress members had to take that — although I suspect many of those currently seated wouldn't pass.

Dave Kisor


Police chief should be given more time

It is a loss for the citizens of Honolulu that the Police Commision would not grant Chief Boisse Correa an extension of one year.

He could have said, “;Yes I will serve for five years,”; and resign after one, but he is not a politician. Being a police officer he could only be honest.

The Honolulu Police Department is a great organization and the transition to a new chief will not compromise the safety of Honolulu. Mahalo to the chief for his many years of services.

Leonard Leong





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