Brief asides


POSTED: Friday, May 22, 2009


Kail's jumping over the Moon

It's been downright gloomy walking through Ward Centre of late, with once-popular Compadres and Brew Moon shuttered and vacant. The Moon's stainless steel vats in the glass shopfront stand like forlorn pillars of economic woe.

But now, a ray of hope: A new bar/lounge called Paparazzi is set to open September in the old Brew Moon spot, under the auspices of veteran nightclub operator George Kail, he of Maze, Pink Cadillac and Blue Zebra.

Let's toast to his success.



Don't let fraud limit your donations

With tales increasing — daily, it seems — of people being ripped off by charity fraud, it's natural to become wary of making donations.

With the economy in the pits, charitable causes are already feeling the pinch. It's important that we continue to support worthy causes, but with a healthy amount of caution thrown in the mix.



Going the extra miles for learning

Kids, appreciate your school supplies — and the ease in which you and your parents can zip to Longs, Wal-Mart or Kmart and buy what you need.

For schoolchildren in eastern Afghanistan, education amid war is a tough reality, and even aid is fraught with peril. Last week, Kaneohe Marines and Afghan soldiers were ambushed while delivering bags of Honolulu-donated supplies.

Fortunately, no one was injured. And Frank Tsukano, general manager of Aiea's Hawaii Stationery, which donated the 70 shopping bags full of pads, pencils and notebooks to the students, says he and others in the effort stand ready to contribute again. The project, he said, is “;a humanitarian gesture in the spirit of spreading aloha.”;

Sometimes, a No. 2 Eagle pencil is much more than just a writing instrument.