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POSTED: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Superferry critics make us all pay

The Legislature, the judiciary and all the lawyers, as well the protesters, have all shot themselves in the foot again, putting a lot of people out of work.

We may never know or see the true good of the Superferry, or see what another Superferry or Superferries in Hawaii could have brought to our island, simply because a few people in the Legislature and “;do-good”; lawyers only wanted to make a name for themselves and also wished to stop everything good the Superferry would have done for Hawaii's people. It makes me sick. These individuals all know who they are and are making the rest of the citizens pay a mighty big price.

I only hope the people of Hawaii will not check the box on election day of those who stopped the Superferry and force them to get another job!

These beautiful ferries brought class to these Hawaiian Islands.

Bill Littell


Zoo parking rate hike drowning families

Our family uses the Honolulu Zoo parking lot at least four times a week for surfing as many other residents do, usually for around three hours and sometimes for the full four. We are, quite often, gone by the time the zoo opens.

Today those four hours, four times a week costs us $12 per month based on a four-week month, which is very affordable for those of us who live here and enjoy surfing at our home break.

Let's do the math with the increase, provided the meters stay at four hours maximum: $6 per day, $24 per week, $96 per month. Outrageous!

This is not the way to bring locals back into Waikiki.

Now, for $8, one can use a parking garage for 10 hours. But why?

Of course there is the Waikiki Shell parking. All free except when there is an event, then most of that parking is then blocked.

Please help. We're drowning here.

Sarah Rosier

Palolo Valley

Train lines would help alleviate traffic woes

I bet none of the white-collar architects who want to change the elevated rail line actually live in Kapolei like I do, suffering through 60-minute commutes to town in the morning and evening. If they did live out here, they would know that we need those trains running as soon as possible.

I resent these architects trying to change plans that have been in place for more than a year simply because the rail system isn't pretty enough for them.

Janice Tanoe


Ala Moana Park user questions cleanliness

My friends and I are regular visitors to Ala Moana Beach Park. We have lately become very concerned that the past flea and tick problem has returned because the Ala Moana Beach streets are no longer regularly swept on both sides by the Parks and Recreation street sweepers.

The concession operators are also no longer pressure-washing regularly around their premises as they once did. As a result, me and my friends are experiencing more frequent insect bites. They should at least hose down their areas each morning.

Even five years ago the restrooms were clean, toilet paper was almost always available, indoor showers were cleansed daily and the beach was clean. What is happening to our Ala Moana Beach?

Robert J. Conlan


Too much money destined for landfill

Recycling curbed now, train derailed next. Anyone have a few billion dollars to donate to the next city fiasco?

Let's put the money we “;don't have”; into our schools, sewer system, potholes and improve our bus system.

Our dump cannot handle any more of Mufi's projects.

MJ Culvyhouse





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