Body could be missing woman


POSTED: Thursday, May 14, 2009

The appearance yesterday of a missing Pearl City woman's dog brought hope to her family, who had relentlessly searched for her since she disappeared while walking the dog nine days earlier.


But that hope was short-lived. Gail Yoshida's family received the news a few hours later that the body of a woman who matched her description was found in a streambed, down a ravine, about four to five miles along Waimano Trail above Pearl City.

The dog's appearance prompted police and fire personnel to resume the search yesterday afternoon, police and fire officials said.

Observers from a fire helicopter spotted the woman's body at about 3 p.m., police Maj. Frank Fujii said.

Yoshida, whose 64th birthday was Monday, had no history of dementia or Alzheimer's that would have impaired her memory, family members said. However, according to her husband, Roy, Yoshida did get disoriented while hiking two weeks earlier but managed to find her way home, said Yoshida's sister and only sibling, Sharon Tamaru.

She had gone walking May 3 with her 2-year-old dog, Maile. Police, fire and state Department of Land and Natural Resources personnel searched for three days following her disappearance. Police, who coordinated the search, continued a limited search until Sunday. The family had called a news conference yesterday morning to renew a plea for help.

Then at about 1:30 p.m., a security guard saw the cream-colored terrier-dachshund mix emerge from the trailhead, located at the top of Waimano Home Road. After searching in the morning, Tamaru and her husband were eating lunch near the trailhead and spotted Maile.

“;I was overwhelmed when I saw her,”; Tamaru said before she learned of the body's discovery. “;I'm hoping this is a sign. I'm thinking maybe my sister had the leash on her and decided to let her go. We feel that my sister went after the dog and I think she slipped. She's pretty tough.”;

;[Preview]  Dog of Missing Woman Found

The dog of Gail Yoshida missing since May 3rd has been found, as the investigation of Yoshida's body continues.

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Her husband, Eddie, said, “;This was the best day ever. We've been searching for 10 days straight. There's real hope now.”;

Maile appeared happy, licking and jumping on family members. Except for raw paws, she appeared to be in good condition and not emaciated. Maile kept her eye on Yoshida's husband, who was coordinating the search efforts of volunteers, including their two sons.

“;I wish the dog could talk,”; said Roy Yoshida, who had been searching daily. He told volunteers, “;I want to go in there myself.”;

Fire Capt. Terry Seelig said the area is thick with foliage, and had been “;flown over numerous times”; during the search.

Gail Yoshida was known to walk near Pearl City High School and the trailhead to the Waimano Trail, located nearby.