UH coaching hopefuls get chance to state case


POSTED: Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's a big one in the eventual filling of the open head coach positions at the University of Hawaii.

The search committees for women's basketball and men's volleyball will be busy teleconferencing with candidates. And from what we're told, there are still plenty for both.

As the nominees are narrowed, both committees are under strict orders not to divulge information. What we do know is that neither search will be finalized within the next few days.

“;You can go on vacation for two weeks and you won't miss it,”; one source told me.

Another, close to the other sport, said, “;There are still a lot of (candidates) to talk to. My guess is it won't be done for a while.”;

There's no way AD Jim Donovan can say this, for fear of age discrimination charges. But don't be surprised if UH goes young in both jobs, to justify lower pay.

» Can we just skip the rest of the formalities and get straight to Kobe vs. LeBron please?

» Note to Mark Cuban: Tattoos aren't nearly as intimidating as they used to be; plenty of posers have 'em these days. Still, never pick a fight with someone inked on the neck or above — that's the mark of a legit tough guy, often a crazy one. And never, ever insult said person's mother.

Note to Kenyon Martin: What exactly is “;insincere”; about an apology that includes inviting you and your family to dinner and to watch the game from a luxury suite?

» Jon Medeiros certainly deserves the scholarship Greg McMackin has granted him. He's been grinding it out for four years at UH. And how sweet was that trick play touchdown pass he threw in the Warrior Bowl?

» In case you thought L.A. took the local out of the local boy, here's the first thing IBF flyweight world champ Brian Viloria did upon landing in Hawaii yesterday: He picked up some poke and raw crab.

» I gave up my right to cheer at sports events a long time ago, but every now and then there's a good reason to make an exception.

My sentimental favorite won for the second day in a row yesterday at the state softball tournament. Mililani beat Waiakea 5-3. Shortstop Courtney Senas went 2-for-3 with a double.

The reason I'm rooting for the Lady Trojans is Courtney's family, especially her dad, Chad. He has been ill with cancer for more than three years, and needs to go to Los Angeles for trial treatments to have a chance to pull through.

As the Star-Bulletin's Pat Gee and others have reported, there will be a fundraiser Sunday at Mililani High School to assist the family in its mainland trip. It is from 5 to 9 p.m. at Mililani High School, and features a silent auction. For more information, call 542-0850.

» This is one of those only in Hawaii stories.

One day last year on his radio show, Rob DeMello suggested that Greg McMackin should have a slipper deal, the way other coaches have shoe deals. Mack's penchant for open-toed footwear, especially at Aloha Friday practices, is well known.

Well, Scott Hawaii Slippahs heard about this, and it's actually going to happen. There will be a Mack signature slippah, and a percentage of its sales will go toward Na Koa, the UH football booster club.

The slipper is slated for availability in July at Target, Rainbowtique and Scott Hawaii Slippahs. It needs a name. You can vote on it at http://www.robandruss.com or http://www.scotthawaii.com.

No word yet on the Barefoot League's pending T-shirt deal with June Jones, who likes to golf sans footwear.